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There are fourteen different missions to complete, located all over the world. Each game features highly addictive turn-based combat with gripping fantasy stories.

Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? In this indie title, you must guide a family of monsters back to their home. There are also a slew of fun mini-games to try out. The gameplay is a bit different from other games in the genre, representing something like a game of chess.

100 Best PSP Games of All Time

Best PSP Games You Need To Play 1 Is Insanely GORY

Although it might seem like a simple fighting game on the surface, this Final Fantasy spin-off contains plenty of options and gameplay mechanics to produce a more complex experience. This version has tons of fun modes to play, and will surely impress any baseball junkie. In this sci-fi future, you climb the ranks and become the best racer there is. The main draw of the game is its wonderful story, rich lore, and interesting use of technology.

Top Best PSP Games of All Time

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You mainly command a group of soldiers, giving them orders and moving them around the battlefield. This game is broken up into a good amount of smaller mini-games.

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This makes the experience feel a bit more arcade-like, and is a fun change of pace. Level up your character, unlock new items, and play with your friends for hundreds of hours. Navigate through mazes and collect the crystals, all while avoiding your echo that lurks just behind you.

As you progress, you unlock new abilities and units, and become better at the game. The game is also open world, which is a switch up for the otherwise linear series. Finally, you can play online with other friends in tournament and quick matches. Like the roguelike genre, your progress within each dungeon is reset upon failure, but you gain overall boosts in power. There are also new colors of Locoroco to play with, as well as another awesome soundtrack.

There is a bigger variety of weapons, exciting new quests, and bigger and badder monsters than ever before! By the way, please request that this thread be stickyed. Using your godly powers and almighty drum beats, you control the Patapon on their journey. Part of what makes Lumines so great is its addictive simplicity and wonderful soundtrack.

This is a great handheld version of the Grand Theft Auto series, as it gives you all the mayhem of the console games on your portable device. In the land of Valeria, three different groups fight for control of the land. For the first time ever, you can play as a female protagonist! You fight enemies by competing in a fun competitive puzzle game, where you match gems of the same color.

Best PSP Games You Need To Play 1 Is Insanely GORY

Team up with your friends and explore randomly generated dungeons in this exciting cooperative role playing game. Size Matters has you blasting foes on planets around the galaxy. This game follows the formula of previous Ys titles with some important changes. Using the rewards from these fights, you can level up your characters and purchase new skills and equipment. Symphony of the Night is also playable.

Enjoy his wacky antics on an adventure for the ages. Motherbase mode is more of a management mode, where the player collects resources and helps build a fortified base.

There have been some drastic changes made to combat, specifically what kind of weapons different character can equip. The Show is your only option. Many international teams are represented, with a great number of fan favorite clubs. This version also has an unlockable mode that allows you to play as the villain Vile, which is a surprisingly fun treat.

The Top PSP Games - PlayStation Portable Message Board for PSP - GameFAQs

You can also experience full seasons of baseball, run your own franchise, and much more! In a world full of people turned into demons, only one boy remains human. This portable version of the popular Worms series allows you play both singleplayer and multiplayer, bhagavad geeta in hindi book giving you the full Worms experience in the palm of your hand. Some of you will probably remember or even still own some of the games mentioned on this list.

In your position as a god, you control the Patapon by banging your drums. Now, lets start listing our favorite games! You control a party of characters, and engage in turn-based battles when opposition pops up.

The main character uses a legendary drill to demolish phantoms that are attacking the relatively peaceful Monster Village. The story follows the powerful soldier Zack Fair, who must find his friend Angeal during a terrible war. Additionally, players can now parry enemy attacks to avoid damage.

This gives him access to fun weapons like electric fly swatters, flamethrowers, and more. The controls are easy to figure out and gameplay is fun and addictive. The new ball trick mechanics make it fun to dribble and drive, and increased passing accuracy forces you to play smart.

100 Best PSP Games of All Time