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Oliver is hesitant to hurt her and she manages to escape the bunker. The team plans to find the Ninth Circle and stop them from using the eight military drones they stole. It took a fake death to make him crack, and it was pretty dumb. The two tearfully make amends with each other before Tommy dies, leaving Oliver grief stricken. Diggle finds out that Falk is using an abandoned subway car, and Oliver is able to catch the car and kill Falk.

Quentin and the vigilante team up to save Laurel, as Quentin realizes that Vanch has contacts on the police force and that was how he learned of her. At the last moment, Oliver discovers that Malcolm is the target and races to the event to save him. As a result, Chien and her men go after Frank, believing him to be responsible, but Oliver gets there in time to stop them. While showing the effects of overdose, the latter still continues his investigation.

Walter leaves the house after confronting Moira on her lies. That's how long my father suffered under the water before he suffocated. It's leather and it's tight and it's aggressive, but I can move in it. Oliver kills a hired gunman, and realizes that the latter's target is not safe yet. Geth the hell out of my office.

Oliver tracks down another millionaire from his list, before the latter is killed by an assassin known as Floyd Lawton. Laurel enlists the help of the vigilante when criminal Cyrus Vanch is released from prison.

We still found arrows in the scene. It would make for an interesting scene, but it's too ballsy for Arrow to go with. Later that night, Emiko spots someone spying on her and she shoots an arrow at them, pykl3 radar which grazes past their shoulder.

Oliver decides to build a new dance club above his hideout as a cover for his nighttime disappearances. Hunt is killed by a mysterious archer. Later, Oliver discovers a connection between Peter Declan, a death row inmate, and Jason Brodeur, one of the men on his list.

Quentin finally approves Laurel's feelings for Oliver, who realizes that he could cease being the vigilante if he stops the Undertaking. The bad guys all have themes, which makes it sad for me when one of them dies. Oliver tries to ask her about her past, but she is vague with her answers. Afterward, Oliver kills Fyers, revealed to have gained relative skill with bow. Bon Appetit and Epicurious.

Dante tells Emiko now that she's taken care of her mother's killer, she can go back to her original mission. She also deduces Oliver's identity as the vigilante after witnessing him fight Frank's henchmen. Oliver tracks Emiko down at Palmer Technologies where she's working with a gang of criminals.

The plan works and Oliver's team breaks into Malcolm's company for information. She begins training Oliver to use a bow.

Oliver manages to take out seven drowns, but is distracted by Emiko who orders her men to kill him and he's unable to get the eighth. Are you tired of the developments? When news reports state that the Count escaped the asylum, Oliver suspects that the Count was faking his mental illness. When a firefighter is killed in the line of duty, Laurel suspects that he was murdered and steals the phone the vigilante gave Quentin in order to contact him for help.

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She tells him she needs money and asks how he what he did with the knife. The media calls the vigilante a hero while Oliver decides to continue his hunt of the list members. We need to get some meaningful plots before it's too late. Oliver is critically shot by Moira and escapes. While comparing the competition, he finds Thea, who reveals that Laurel and Tommy had been involved during Oliver's absence.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Are we to assume that Malcolm really did not know Oliver was the one who tried to murder Kovar?

Oliver tracks down an accountant of the secret organization and steals his laptop. He starts training Oliver to get him ready to infiltrate the airfield, the only apparent way out. An operation headed up by A. Oliver decides to interrogate his mother as the vigilante. He uses the ingredients to track the location of the Count.

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Emiko delivers papers to Dante's apartment. Chien hires Lawton, who is revealed to have survived Oliver's attack, to take out Malcolm after the previous gunman's death. When she doesn't answer he tells her he saw her with Dante the night before.

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Dinah informs Laurel that Hernandez was found dead after Laurel said he had to be let go because of bail. It looks like Adrian got what he wanted and broke Oliver Queen. She is arrested while Malcolm confirms her claims to Tommy and reveals that he is the other archer. That is almost as ridiculous as you wanting to be one.