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  1. Also, I have read that Atkins didn't start making hand saws for carpentry or woodworking before the s.
  2. What I lack is a rip saw that has finer teeth that can cut deeper than my dovetail saw.
  3. On the right is a medallion from a No.
  4. This medallion from a handsaw is different from those above and below it in that it is from a full-sized saw.
  5. Next time, I'm scraping it with a razor blade, sanding with on a block, then applying gun blue.
  6. Looks like a good saw to learn to sharpen a saw and use without concerns for the pedigree.
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Happens all the time, and I assume it did then, too. Two examples of each are shown for clarity. Part of what I like about Atkins saws is the detective work they frequently demand. This is the only Atkins saw I own without a patent date on the medallion.

The historical reference would be interesting so we could verify this. Online auctions have increased the number of saws available for research since the time of Taran's article. If I male a slower and you judge I would have to stair to wet-dry produce on a note want block with an oil lubricant. Details if you are interested. The factory was shuttered in and its operations relocated to Greenville, free dating site for widows Mississippi.

Atkins, and her daughter, Sarah Frances Kackley. Love and lust movie ad speaks Atkins Passions to be the Ideals on Behalf. Being a journalist I am used to research, but still I have come up very short with finding information about Atkins saws. Is there a reference you use for dating Atkins saws? Another change is in the order and dating of several of the pre-Civil War medallions.

She made headlines in when she added her name to an anti-suffrage petition, telling The Indianapolis Star that she did not believe women were needed in politics. The second saw looks to my eye like an early no. Parry Cart Works had previously occupied the site, but was relocating to West Indianapolis. The saw has five split nuts on the handle, filipina dating in ksa which also is unique to this model.

This version is similar to the medallion above except the placement of the patent date is different and the stars flanking the keystone have six points instead of the usual five. If and After relationships cleaning the saw only and the direction. The new timeline in the Disstonian Institute will have two columns of photos. Disston purchased the lot next door and erected a new factory building within a very short time. Atkins was not so much lucky or unlucky as he was hardworking and smart.

As before, this is a work in progress and will be revised again when the need arises. The beak on the top front of a backsaw handle appears only on saws with either no medallion or the medallion on the right. Left has two stars, right does not. Baker has written about the saws extensively.

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  • So am I right in thinking that there can be two alternatives.
  • Saw jointer working on flattening the teeth tips.
  • Since I have never made a finer toothed rip saw for something other than dovetailing no set I was unsure how much set this saw would require.
  • Two years later, she died and left the mansion on Meridian Street to her son, Henry C.
  • The first complete timeline of Disston handsaws was written by Pete Taran and published in the Winter issue of the Fine Tool Journal.

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Post Office purchased the factory at S. This blade is actually fairly bright but it doesn't show that way in the photo. The split-nut or spanner style of fastener is about to be phased out.

The name changes came as Henry Disston's adult sons became his business partners. Its detail is remarkable and the condition is the best that is to be found. But as I delved deeper into the E. Unfortunately it seems that E.

Collector and researcher Phil Baker has a remarkable collection of early backsaws that demonstrate the evolution of Disston's saws, a few of which are shown here. These eagle medallions have a bird similar to those above it, but the abbreviation for Philadelphia has been changed. If I were concerned about preserving the etch, I would not use the cleanser on it because I think it may fade it some. And indeed my oldest Atkins catalogues ranging from to doesn't utter a word about hand saws. It looks great and there was lots of good info in that thread.

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Stars appear on either side of the eagle. Today the Disston name is associated with Blu-mol reciprocating saw blades and drill bits that are made in China. New the index express rest on the side.

While the bite was drying, I staff on cleaning up the side and the saw interested. Feel like an expert if you can narrow the age of a saw to within a decade in the field. For cleaning the saw, I lay it on a piece of white bathtub surround. Notice also that the pattern of dots on the perimeter is courser than the medallion above it. While the finish was drying, I worked on cleaning up the medallion and the saw nuts.

An Atkins it is but which model

This medallion appeared no later than because it appears on the Special handsaw that marked the th anniversary of the company. Struck medallions, somewhat like coins, make a ringing sound when dropped. This Federal-style was used for perhaps a decade before a stylized, Aztec type of eagle was introduced. Atkins company at the time. Well, it also places my saw in a time frame more suited to it's demeanor and overall appearance.

Leave a reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. You may want to check if the saw handle on the first saw matches the saw, or if it's a replacement. The left medallion is from a No. But hand saws do feature in the edition, dating over 50 montreal which is the next catalogue I have.

Warran and Ted Superior were not brothers in the saw manufacturing business. Don't overlook the possibility that the nuts aren't original. Harvey Peace is one example. By using the medallion, you can estimate the age of your saw.

So I do know the saw was made after and am sure it was before when the handles were all flat sided after Borg-Warner acquired the company. For an interesting anomaly in this medallion click here. The medallion is positioned as the last of the four nuts, which I haven't seen on any other Atkins saw.

It had a nice handle that was well rounded. Lots of history and stories and thank you for telling one of them. Brand identity and loyalty in the U.

The appearance of different wings show that another die was used to make this medallion. Originally Posted by Kenneth Speed. All cleaned, sharpened and ready to use. This is an impossible feat. This medallion is mounted on a No.

The purpose of this section is to show that the earliest Disston saws had no medallions and to offer evidence of which medallions were first used when they appeared in the mid's. It appears identical to the medallion at the top of the page, which is on a backsaw from the same period. Generally inspired or entertained? However they generally can be narrowed down to their decade of manufacture.

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The lack of flats on the sides of the tote was a good indication that it was pre-war. Atkins was in business for a very long time and made lots of saws at different times. This is what the plate looks like after rubbing in some Bar Keeper's Friend with a non-abrasive sponge. Henry Disston relented and eventually encouraged other workers to volunteer.

This is going off topic, but I can't resist to add something about my no. Handsaws were not so lucky, usually rode hard and put away wet, mostly used outdoors. Yet another variation in the early medallions. The lettering on this small medallion has serifs, unlike those before or after its production.

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