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The sequence includes images of nuclear disaster and sketches of demons fusing together. Even when Elsa admits her selfish reasons of adopting Bette and Dot, Ethel stands by her. The first being broadcast in the spring and the second in the fall. Elsa slaps her, and Ethel retorts that all Elsa cares about is the roar of the crowd and hates someone stealing her spotlight. Ethel is shocked, as she had not been aware that Elsa had an artificial limb.

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Mordrake is moved by her story, and other ghosts arrive and look on. Elsa chuckles at her reaction and tells her the story of how she became a freak.

For a complete list of her characters, see Cast. He says that his second face will know if she speaks falsely, and he bids her to sit with him and answer his questions. He counters by proposing a more permanent solution.

This killed any remaining affection the bearded lady had for Elsa. For fourteen years, Ethel was the bearded lady of the freak show, and the second in command and friend to Elsa Mars. And I always had loved, as Brad had, exo d o and sojin dating divas the horror genre.

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So it just was a natural for me. Elsa is upset that some freaks do not believe her lie that the twins abandoned her while she took them dress-shopping.

After her story, Elsa thinks that Ethel intends to kill her, but Ethel instead intends to kill herself, feeling that she has nothing to live for. The intro returns to live-action like the first three seasons. Red and white are the main colors, visually representing Murder House and Coven. However, as events unfold, it is revealed that multiple dark entities have taken up residence in Jupiter, with all of their eyes being set on the freaks. Despite the help of her psychiatrist, Dr.

He informs her that she has roughly six months to a year left to live. Other elements include a black man with piercing eyes and a disturbing smile as well as voodoo dolls.

Later that night, Elsa was eating dinner with Stanley in her tent. Clowns also appear throughout the sequence. Ethel expresses her concern that Elsa's departure and Bette and Dot's disappearance will affect the show's line-up and possibly ruin the freak show.

She also tells him that she is dying. Ethel insists that they kill Dell, but Jimmy thinks they should just demand he leave the freak show before doing matters of killing him. Elsa blames Ethel's behavior on drinking and orders her out.

Ethel shoots Elsa in one of her legs, leaving a hole through the prosthetic. Ethel reminds Elsa that she's not their savior, she's their surrogate mother. They feature the patients and some staff such as Dr. The production eventually descends into disaster, however, as cast and crew alike are quickly targeted when the violent entities begin to surface.

It was later revealed she would be playing Freak Show owner Elsa Mars. She speaks in a thick Baltimore accent.

Finally, guests will succumb to the warped desires of The Countess after checking into the haunted Hotel Cortez, conceived from the beginning as a torture chamber for its customers. Ethel suspects that Elsa might try to poison her and turns the gun on her onetime friend, bur Elsa turns and expertly throws a knife into her would-be killer's forehead. Bonham by Desiree, but discovers that his office has been closed for business. Ethel waits for Elsa with a slice of cake. The main recurring element features a balloon twister popping balloons with a knife.

An ailing Ethel is rushed to an appointment with Dr. When she met Dell Toledo, he convinced her to do solo acts instead of moving to Paris with her troupe.

Although the Millers are aware of the entities that reside in the house, all three agree to return, each with their own agenda. As Jimmy wails, Ethel and the others crowd around him in comfort. For the first time, there are actual backgrounds that appear with the actor names instead of an all-black background, some of these images include witches hanging and Santa Muerte. It is notable that many images are shown in reverse. Freak Show's opening sequence changed things up, the series theme music remains intact albeit with an added carnival-like soundscape.

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Hotel's opening sequence also was very different from previous seasons', taking a more biblical approach. Elsa spurns Ethel's accusations of murder, overturning her table in anger. Ethel is in her trailer and she begins to see ghosts, but then Mordrake himself appears, confirming the reality of the superstition.

Bonham that she has cirrhosis, despite years of sobriety. Ethel agrees that Elsa is gifted enough to be a true star, though her face shows concern when Elsa isn't looking. Personality and Appearance Her deformity is simply the fact that she has a beard.

Ethel laments that Jimmy has known nothing but exploitation from his first breath. There, Ethel helps Desiree into a hospital gown, and Desiree bids her to stay when the doctor arrives, as she is nervous about visiting a doctor for the first time.

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While Desiree was gone from the trailer, Ethel takes the opportunity to visit Dell. To drum up business and save her troupe once and for all, Elsa also recruits conjoined twin sisters Bette and Dot Tattler Sarah Paulson to perform for her show. In the development of Cult, Murphy confirmed that the opening sequence will return. She is a character in Freak Show primarily portrayed by Kathy Bates.

She's Elsa's second in command, and she tolerates no disrespect to either herself or Elsa. Apocalypse's opening sequence features the original theme music from the first three seasons. Ethel says that Dell is bad news and tells him to stay away from him. Moments later, a truck dumps Meep's corpse at the foot of the freak show.

Ethel, while serving dessert, overhears everything. His compassion moves her to tears, because with her beard, no doctor has ever treated her with respect before. With a strong maternal instinct, Ethel is willing to do anything to protect her son.

She swears that if she discovers that Elsa has lied about the twins, that she will kill Elsa herself. However, the demon face wants to hear of her darker, deeper shame. The sequence is live-action.

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