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Jen meets Decebel, who would make eggs boil in their carton in the fridge. Jen said that she feels its her responsibility to joke and lighten the mood because if she can joke then it will relax every one and give them hope that everything will all work out. Part of that will be in my favorite quotes. In this book we are introduced to a few new characters and really given insight on a one previously introduced in Prince of Wolves. Logan, Dillon's Beta, is asked to keep tabs on Jacque by his Alpha.

First off, gotta say I love love love werewolf books. It started off a short time after Fane fought and won against the alpha of a rival pack for his claim on Jacque.

In Blood Rites we finally get to know Decebel, a possessive, bossy wolf who only confuses Jen with every move he makes. Quinn is beyond thankful that she has been blessed to be able to write full time and hopes the readers know how much all of their support means to her. Quinn throws you into an amazing world filled with laughter, heartbreak, and lots of love.

The addition of another palpable romance adds to the complexity of this lovab Quinn Loftis offers laugh out load funny novels that will grab readers with the witty humor and intense romance. Once again, and actually even more so than in PoW, Loftis adds her clever and quick-witted humor that had me busting out laughing left and right. Loftis's werewolf world-building is great and really get drawn into the stories. Holy cow, that is exactly how I'd picture him, delicious.

Logan had taken the handcuffs off their hands when he told them that he had put a lock on the outside of the door. Jacque looked at her, emerald eyes narrowed with a wicked gleam. If only it were that simple. The romance, tragedy, and chase provided in this book would make just about anyone swoon.

He knew nothing of her existence until hearing of the challenge and now wants to meet her. The end of the book was very sensual, without being graphic. The book that screws everything up again. It is refreshing to move around and see the thoughts of the others and I believe this is what will lead us in to Just One Drop knowing who it is about. Loved the first one and the second was just, if as good as the first.

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But I can't because of all the reasons I just listed. How great is all this tension between Jen and Decebel? Yep, there was a lot of kissing. Oh well, could be worse, Jen thought.

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They are the essence of mothers. There's no way Logan would leave us here by ourselves if he needed supplies.

She heard the worry in his voice and felt him pouring love through their bond. But when everyone is busy pointing fingers, no one is watching the one wolf that lurks in the shadows, making his plan that much easier to carry out. She continued to reach out to Fane, although not always with words, mostly just to feel that he was still there, that the bond was still open between them. That the situation could be worse?

Could those girls not be serious for one second. Those were precious moments. Sort of like it's the book to throw the wrench in everyone's plans. He was a great character, though, it added depth to Jacque's past and I ended up liking her mom a lot more after seeing firsthand how hard Dillon's leaving was on her.

He saw the bruise on my stomach and nearly went all werewolf kung-fu on his pack. They seem to embody the very ideas of family, friendship, and loyalty. At least, they were until all of this drama got in the way. Review originally posted at Doodle's Book Blog Even after a second reading of this book I am still in love. But she was a good person and I hope she remains with Jaque in her pack.

All in all, if you are a fan of paranormal romance, you will love Blood Rites. Blood Rites picks up right where PoW left off, where to hip hop music with Jacque and Fane enjoying the excitement of their impending bonding ceremony.

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Open Preview See a Problem? Jacque nodded and then directed her thoughts back to Fane. All I can say is the next book better be out soon.

Really how can you even come up with supposed funny stuff when your be It really wasn't much different from the first book. The Grey Wolves series is one that given the chance will grow in the hearts of many readers alike. Just so glad they ended up together.

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It annoyed the crap out of me. This story was kind of the same plot as the first book. That added a different element to the book that the last book didn't have because it came down to Fane rescuing Jacque, and I'm a sucker for rescues.

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Once it was obvious that wasn't going to happen, she sat up and looked at Skender. If not as your Alpha, then as your father. They are all in a burning car that has just wrecked and flipped over numerous times.

Read Blood Rites online free by Quinn Loftis