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Dating a tatay classical guitar, choose Display Mode

Luis Maravilla is also one of the flamenco guitarists who left ample recorded work, accompaniments for many flamenco singers and dancers. It has solid Brazilian Rosewood back and sides. The hand made brass frets are in good condition, so the fretboard. Some Tatay models had laminated construction wood while others had solid wood. He's getting ready to sell the business and retire.

It will be restrung with a set of D'Addario Pro Arte hard tension. Thus, slowly but surely their workshop was transformed into a factory. The intonation is spot on so this is also a very good instrument to study and a much better option than many modern ones.

Any idea what this guitar is worth?

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Then I had an intimate conference with my table saw and that ended my guitar playing. Is there any info at all you can give me on the guitars?

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Sides and back appear to be the same wood. The soundboard is nicely flat, the joints are solid and so the bridge.

They are not noticeable unless one looks hard and do not affect the sound of the instruments. Are they really worth keeping etc? We took it to a local expert on string instruments for his opinion, and he pointed out a few cracks that run parallel to the center stripe on the back. Son of the flamenco singer Ninos de las Marianas, at eleven years old he began to study the guitar with Marcelo Molina.

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The family business soon began to grow, and they had to hire extra help to meet the demand. The guitar is in fair condition and I'm about to take it to my local guitar repair shop for them to check it out and put new strings and a bit of a clean up.

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Based upon examination of the photos, it is evident that the back of this guitar is Brazilian rosewood. You can e-mail me if you want more info. The keyboard appears to be ebony.

Is this a Good Guitar?

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This Tatay is a real beauty. Fabrica de Guitarras Bandurrias This just means that the company manufactures guitars and bandurrias.

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Mr Tatay did some fine work for me on various occasions and he did tell me he was going to retire. So I'm hoping you can help me date this Tatay, so I can pass it on in the family with appropriate information. Vicente Tatay Tomas classical guitar. Tatay many many years ago. In fact, decent dating sites australia Pete Seeger at home plays a late forties Vicente Tatay.

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For sale is this gorgeous s, early s era Spanish-made Tatay Classical Guitar. This guitar is in excellent condition. He collected several other guitars, which we will be selling here on the forum over the next few weeks. Would be interested in knowing more about the guitar. The guitar was owned and played by my grandfather, a gifted musician.

If that is true, I certainly would like to contact him. Luis Maravilla was one of most brilliant flamenco guitarists. He also mentioned that he would keep some customers. There are no cracks or dents. The guitar is a Tatay and only recently did I become aware that it is an exceptional instrument.

Once retired he concentrated on teaching. It was like most workshops of the era with the father teaching and supervising his sons so that some day they could take over the family business. They slowly began to look for ways to increase their production by mechanizing some aspects of building. Nevertheless, they should be noted. All serious offers considered.

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Cosmetically it's in excellent condition as well apart from some clouding of the lacquer on the back of the guitar. Would be happy to send you photos.

The inlay is gorgeous and the sound is phenomenal. But I loved the instrument. One of my favourite places is Cold Springs Harbor.

It's a true pleasure to play with a lovely low action.

Any help you can give me will be appreciated. The front is a lighter, straight-gained wood. The oldest built by Vincent in in amazing condition. The instrument appears to be in excellent condition.