Dating bear kodiak bow, bear archery super kodiak recurve review one of the best bows made to date

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Nels felt strongly that bows should be individually crafted, and not made by machine. This is formica, a paper and resin laminate not ebony wood. These bows should not be used! However, christian dating comedy the vents on the Razorhead remained large as with the original model. There is many a time when poor information is the rule here.

Then in Bear began using a new Uni-Directional glass in which the glass fibers all ran lengthwise to the bow limbs. Writing is best as I'm away so much. However, on the Polar, the aluminum is found both under a layer of maple and glass, and on the outside lamination.

Bear Archery Super Kodiak Recurve Review One of the Best Bows Made to Date

This happened in the Bear factory due to the loss of most all of the true catalogs. Get out your old Bear catalogs from through and find the picture of this scarce item, then you will know what to look for. Actually, this was not a true pin, dating on but rather a punch impression which held the blade to the ferrule better.

His eyes were on me in the back corner by myself. Most of this finish chips off leaving a very dull gray metal underneath. The early Grayling bows of were static recurves called the Deerslayer, Bush Bow and Hunter, plus three longbows called the Field, Rover and Ranger.

However, his private venture into the bow making business lasted only two years before he took a job in an appliance manufacturer as a model maker. That was just like Fred I guess, singling me out in a room full of big-shots, most likely because of my blue-jeans and boots. All are ready to make a bow to your every wish and desire. As for value, I don't dare risk putting my opinion here, cause sure as I did I would be proven wrong the next time someone sold one. Im totally amazed at how good everything has become for all of us traditional bowhunters.

  • The early Bowhunter Kits had a Western knife with real bone handle, and the.
  • We have some of the most liberal hunting seasons here in the U.
  • There are many features and changes applied by Bear over the years which will help you in determining your bows model year.
  • Then why are they so hard to find?
  • Both of the leather models command a lot of attention with todays collectors, while the vinyl model is only moderately desirable.

This is a patent date only, not the year of the bow! This warranty problem caused a substantial strain on the companies finances, but Fred insisted that all bows be replaced if returned broken. Upon my entrance into the party I was astounded at the sight.

The upper and lower limbs are crafted out of Clear Maple wood, and also faced and backed with a rich thick black fiberglass overlay to strengthen each extension. The entire length of the bow from tip to tip is finished off with an ultra-high gloss finish. The next piece of ephemera from Bear came in with the issue of a true catalog which details all their leather products and other accessories, but again no bows. Charles was the West Coast distributor for Bear Archery almost since the beginning. The bear logo and model names were applied with stick on decals.

Begun in in a small shop in Detroit, the company was first known by the name Bear Products Company. The early Bear Archery catalogs were not dated, best german dating app but numbered. Apparently this is because it is thought of as a target bow rather than a hunting bow by collectors. Fred sold the company in to Victor Comptometer so that he could raise the needed capitol to grow the company even more.

Bear bow dating

These models evolved from the superbly hand-crafted bows of Nels Grumley, Fred's first bowyer. Wouldn't it make sense that other bow companies who made fewer bows would be rarer, and thus command more value? Nels left Bear in when Fred made the decision to begin mass production of bows at the new factory in Grayling. Yet another way to help determine the age of your bow is to look for a coin type medallion in the riser.

The riser is also made of Hard Rock Maple. Free liquid refreshments were there for the asking in the back of the room. In late the coin was raised above the covering of the bow and came in both gold and chrome covered plastic and are still used in Bear bows today. Check the Model of the bow. The bleeders soon changed to look like the bleeder on the right for all production after that.

Indeed, the Super Kodiak is no different from any other Bear Archery model in the fact that the bow has exquisite visual appeal, feel, and perfected function. Without a doubt, Bear Archery Company has produced more traditional bows than all the other traditional bow companies combined. So for you will find Kodiaks with aluminum and bi-directional glass, aluminum with uni-directional glass, and no-aluminum with uni-directional glass. The aluminum lamination on the Kodiak and Grizzly is found only in the inner lamination, surrounded by layers of maple and glass. What kind of string is best?

  1. None of us could ever thank enough the early pioneers of the sport that through their tireless efforts put bowhunting on the calendar for all of us to enjoy.
  2. Do people actually collect the catalogs?
  3. Note - A great deal of the credit for the following information is due to Mr.
  4. Note - There were actually two different variations of the first model suede St.

If you are looking to price your bow I would propose first logging into your eBay catalogue and do a Completed Auction quest on the normal keywords that match your bow, i. The last year for the Grayling, Michigan bows was when the entire plant was moved to the current Florida location. These are scattered and are identical in appearance to the aluminum. It was positioned high up in the handle and was raised above the surface of the bow. Go back and read my earlier column on Book Collecting for tips on how to find used books on the Internet.

Dating bear kodiak bow
Dating bear kodiak bow

Something happened at the printer that year which destroyed the catalogs before many had been delivered to Bear. Obviously these bows were made in late before the medallions became available to the factory. The large Standing Bear decal was used until when it was substituted with silk-screening the identification on the bows. The white overlays were made before the change to the red overlays. There were dozens of other bowyers who made Bear wooden bows, mostly the lower line lemonwood models such as the Ranger.

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Dating bear kodiak bow

This means that bows for that catalog or model year had to be available to take pictures of in the fall before the catalog was printed. Many thousands of copies of this book were sold for many years after it's introduction. This date that is printed on all bows made in the middle of and is naturally the date of the patent for a working recurve limb and has nothing to do with the actual model year. Bear Archery makes models for left handed and right handed dominant individuals, both of which come in varying draw weights. Using the coin medallion to date these bows has been used by many knowledgeable collectors for years.

With this information you should be able to get really close to dating your Bear Bow if not pin-pointing it to the year. They did not always change with a model change, but when used with other features, are still heavily used in bow dating. Based on the dating procedures listed below we determined that this was a Fred Bear Kodiak Recurve bow from in perfect condition.

If reports were positive, he planned to begin mass-production of them within the next year for the general public. Handle riser wood from to was mostly Michigan maple with some walnut. Two different versions of a model were made at the same time until orders for existing models were satisfied.

This is the date of the patent only, and does nothing to date the bow itself. Below are the approx date ranges for the type of coin used. Most of these will have white serial numbers in place of gold, seattle dating services and also will have black plastic bear logos on the sockets instead of brown. Not all Bear bows made in these early years were made by Nels.

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Dating bear kodiak hunter

Remember also that Bear had to take the next yearns catalog to the printer in late fall of the prior year. But these were very tedious to make and to attach correctly to the arrow. There are tens of thousands of these great bows out there to be found and many more that their owners would like to know more about.

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Collecting Items of the Bear Archery Company

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