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History of Sydney, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

Sydney's original settlers included former soldiers and Loyalists escaping the chaos following the American Revolution. Many of the Scots who immigrated there were either Roman Catholics or Presbyterians, which can be seen in a number of island landmarks and place names. To this day, Gaelic is still the first language of a number of elderly Cape Bretoners. This ocean-centric lifestyle did, however, make them among the first indigenous peoples to discover European explorers and sailors fishing in the St Lawrence Estuary.

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If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth, stop by the Cape Breton Fudge Co. Today, Sydney continues to welcome people from around the world as they come to visit the city and the beautiful island of Cape Breton. The s were some of the most violent times in Cape Breton.

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As many as two hundred settlers lived in a village, the name of which is not known, located according to some historians at what is now Ingonish on the island's northeastern peninsula. Bell also built the forerunner to the iron lung and experimented with breeding sheep.

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This development is one of the factors which led to large-scale industrial development in the Sydney Coal Field of eastern Cape Breton County. It was that coal that would transform Sydney from a colonial town in Cape Breton into a major industrial center, razboiul troian online dating becoming a world leader in steel production.

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Throughout July and August, more adventurous souls can take a ghost walk through historical Sydney, past weathered graves and old jails. The Old Sydney Society gives regular walking tours, including personally tailored tours for those who want to look at areas of particular interest or walk in their ancestors footsteps. The famous murder of William Davis by strike breakers, and the seizing of the New Waterford power plant by striking miners led to a major union sentiment that persists to this day in some circles.

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The local Mi'kmaq peoples began trading with European fishermen when the fishermen began landing in their territories as early as the s. They were marked by several severe labour disputes.

These peoples and their progeny inhabited the island known as Unama'ki for several thousand years and continue to live there to this day. Their traditional lifestyle centred around hunting and fishing because of the unfavourable agricultural conditions of their maritime home. He spent his first winter using his upside-down boat for shelter, which is reflected in the architecture of the village's Community Centre. These fishermen traded with the local population but did not maintain a permanent settlement. The mineral rights to the island were given over to the Duke of York by an order-in-council.

Sydney, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia