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Be quiet, and know that He is God. Guarding your heart is one of the most important yet least understood facets of Christian dating. Stop planning your wedding. My friend Emily learned this the hard way. This can include poor communication with God in prayer or poor communication with the other person in discussion.

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How do you guard your heart? And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. But what does it mean to guard your heart? When do hearts become unguarded?

Unless you catch this kind of vision for why you need to guard your heart, it will remain a legalistic, minimalistic endeavor in your life. How to Guard Your Heart in a Relationship Being rejected, unloved, or abandoned is incredibly painful. It can paralyze you, or it can liberate you. How Long do you Guard Your Heart? How long do you guard your heart?

It might sound contradictory to your Christian beliefs. More powerful than a kiss, more seductive than an embrace, there is something that happens when two people connect emotionally. You want to dream together, to envision the future together, and to create this world up ahead to live for. Something that has the capacity to outweigh even the physical.

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The best way to guard our hearts is to focus on Jesus. But outside the fireplace walls, fire causes damage and heartache. In essence, the heart referred to who you are as a person.

When you guard your heart in daily life, you choose not to listen to conversations that are critical or wrong. Your boyfriend or girlfriend might be more open to faith than when you first met, but at what cost? How do you Guard Your Heart? Do you need relationship help?

How you approach your relationship with God is going to directly impact how you approach your relationship in dating. If you are dating an unbeliever, the relationship is standing in the way of your spiritual growth and therefore a danger to your heart. This is important at any age and stage of life, bar one speed dating but few relationships influence us as much as our dating relationships.

Obviously, the only go-ahead for physical intimacy is in the context of marriage. Satan will use anything he can to distract us or break our hearts. You must lay a foundation of friendship before building a house of intimacy. Am I saying that building boundaries into a relationship in order to guard your heart is wrong? You should always be protecting your character.

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Relationships should be seen as a journey of building trust. Emily felt so connected to Brian, that when their relationship ended up not working out- she felt so confused, empty, and incredibly hurt.

Why do you guard your heart? It depends on how you define guarding your heart. When we follow Jesus with all our heart, He will guide us in relationship with others and provide our hearts with all the protection we need. We were meant to be in community, to have a partner to share our lives with. So, guarding your heart is the result of clear communication.

When you guard your heart in a relationship, you take time to consider how your partner is affecting your mood, attitude, thoughts, and choices. Most importantly, they did not understand this passage to have anything to do with Americanized dating. Expecting a boyfriend or girlfriend to live up to a fictional character is a quick way to end up broken-hearted. Use this season for just that! But guarding your heart is so much more than this!

What Does It Mean to Guard Your Heart? - Christian Dating Advice

In this book, Joyce explains how to deal with negative thoughts such as worry, doubt, confusion, depression, anger and feelings of condemnation. Hear what God is telling you to do, where He is leading you, and when to move forward or stay put. Keep your eye on your heart A practical way to guard your heart in your relationship is to stay alert!

She had been holding onto her emotions for so long that when she finally entered into a relationship she let the flood gates open. There is some deep power in emotional intimacy, more power than we give it credit. God knows how fragile our hearts can be, and he begs us to take the time to protect them, to watch over them, and to take care of them.

When you enter into relationship, you should be at a point in your life where you are ready to be open, ready to share, and ready to communicate. Third, hearts become unguarded when there is poor communication about the relationship. May you guard your heart, move forward in peace and confidence, and trust God to direct your paths. In this way, sex is like a fire. Inside a fireplace, the flames provide warmth and comfort.

God can and does use us to bring people to Himself, but a believer dating a non-believer is like eating a cheeseburger every day and expecting your heart not to suffer the consequences. Be real, be genuine, and be honest- but never without the anchor of boundaries and the weight of wisdom. You can read, share, and bookmark your favorites quickly and easily from your phone. Therefore, it is essential for you to guard your heart in dating because what you do in a dating relationship flows from who you are in a dating relationship. Sometimes we allow our relationships to override the healthiest parts of ourselves.

Dating is such a special time. If you are supposed to guard your heart in dating, how do you do it? We guard our hearts by making wise choices about what we consume and who we spend time with.

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What I am saying is that these boundaries should flow from your relationship with God. As wise as that decision may have been at the time, when she finally did start dating Brian in her late twenties she went too deep, too fast.

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The best way to guard your heart in a relationship is to stop and listen. Take your time, allow your relationship to go through the necessary seasons before you allow your conversation to jump ahead. Peace comes as a comfort rooted in our trust in God that is expressed in the process of prayer. In other words, the key to guarding your heart is to talk to God about the relationship before you talk to the other person about the relationship.

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Why do you Guard Your Heart? It can paralyze you or it can liberate you. Dreaming about an event God has yet to bring to fruition yet is another form of lust. Our most intimate relationships have the power to draw us closer to Jesus or slowly pull us away.

Guarding your heart is the key to saving yourself for your future spouse in a way that honors God. Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life. These are attacks on the mind that will stop you from guarding your heart. Lay the foundations first, then begin building the house.