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Want a drama with lots of steamy love scenes? It is an engaging and interesting story that is full of comedy and lots of tantrums. Your email address will not be published. Exact premiere date unconfirmed. He also meets another student played by Shin Seung-ho who looks perfect on the surface but has a hidden inner dark side.

As per the plot, the captain of Korean army falls in love with a serious doctor. Looking for dramas that are worth your time? Korean dramas are a blend of humour, romance, emotions and suspense, they actually give you goose bumps. What makes the show a blockbuster is its out-of-the-world cinematography. Its a story of her survival where she meets a charming yet shrewd artist who is a doppelganger of a noble guy from her era.

  • The show seems engaging and exciting from its first episode itself.
  • She knows that she has very less time left but she wants to enjoy her life to the fullest.
  • At least five more are coming soon!
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For some reason, the three end up living in one house. He's also passionate about unique and revolutionary ideas that make the world a better place. Its lead characters are charming as well as quite funny. She falls in love with an obesity doctor. The character of Mr Right finds a life eventually and mysterious events are created that dwindles between fantasy and reality.

The show revolves around the life and struggle of an immortal goblin named Shin. Rain, who starred in Sketch last year, is playing the main character. The plot revolves around a mermaid from Joseon era who has entered the modern world. It is a limited duration show that is a huge hit among populace. Watch this show if you are really looking for some decent romantic K-drama.

It was a box office success early this year which became the second most watched local film of all time in South Korea. This time, Jung is playing a high-profile songwriter who owes his success to a devil played by Park, with whom he has made a deal in exchange for talent and fame. It will be available on Netflix.

The show is a blend of romance, mystery and comedy. It is a tickling show with genre of humour and romance. She achieves her goal and becomes the first female historian in Joseon, christian rules for dating my notwithstanding the existing prejudice against women in the male-dominated profession.

  1. The saga of love, hope and misery is a must-watch.
  2. Both the director and writer of this show are relatively newbies in the industry.
  3. Korean drama is an essential dose of entertainment.
  4. It is a love saga with elements of humour and action.
  5. To demystify the suspense, watch the show.

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The protagonist Hong Ra On disguises herself as a man and works as a counsellor by counselling men about dating and relationships. The K-dramas are meaningful and they are known to hold the emotions of its viewers. This k-drama is a teenage love story, which is a treat to watch.

The alien realises that he has to leave the earth after three months. Watch any of these for a magnificent entertainment. Visit us again for updates, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Its protagonists are the rivals as investigative journalists from different stations. To check out this interesting story, astrology match start following the show from today.

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The drama is as much interesting as its name is. The story portrays the romance and stupid fights between the two plus the action element where Do Bong provides protection to her boss. What adds extra spice to the drama is the fact that it also focuses on the identity search of each character.

Have you heard of the Korean movie Extreme Job? As if restructuring an entire company is not complicated enough, the two face a serious problem when they fall in love with each other and things get awkward between them. The second season will focus on the budding love triangle between the three characters. She has made many perceptions about her Mr. Alien is good looking and is intelligent as well as strong.

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In order to secure her future, she enters into a contract with a handsome guy and becomes his time-limited wife. Frost is at the helm of this drama. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The alien falls for a gorgeous actress and their romance is showcased in the show.

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Connected by one tragic incident in the past, the three team up to investigate corruption-related cases within the police force. The saga is about their friendship, dating websites oxfordshire understanding and blossoming of love betwixt them. It is a light and easy to follow kind of show. The stated premiere date of the drama is confirmed unless otherwise stated.

She accidently meets Hyo Meong who is a Crown Prince. To witness it all, start following the show. Right and looks for him here and there. With amazing cinematography, astounding plots, adept and good looking protagonists and incredible depiction of feelings, free dating K-dramas rule the throne of drama all over the world. It revolves around a girl whose father is a former weightlifter.

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Will Do Bong be able to save her boss? The protagonist is an alien who lands into the earth in the Joseon dynasty. One day, he gets into a traffic accident that transports him to a parallel world where his role in the society is completely reversed. This premise sounds interesting, so I hope the execution would be nicely done.

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The best part is that you get subtitles along with the episodes, though drama is so intense that even bereft the subtitles you can feel each and every bit of it. This K-drama is a tearjerker and an emotional plot which will actually make you cry. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The story revolves around their journey from ardent rivals to love birds. Meanwhile, Nana Kill It is a tough and persistent prosecutor in the drama.

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