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Dating my straight friend, breaking Up with My Straight Best Friend

The only problem is, he is straight. But even then, we were talking about straight, hook up metro phone conventional romances.

He also liked my tattoos and thought the skull on my bicep was the shit. Yep, I helped him with that too.

Yet I knew that if I did what was best for me, it would probably hurt just as much, if not, worse, than keeping on being his friend and never telling him. Essentially, he was a jock of all trades. But this particular evening it was just Dillon and me. The next day after my drink wore off, I texted Dillon to see how he was doing. My sense is that had I not decided to take advantage of the situation, the two of us could have remained good friends for life.

We both had too much to drink and ended up messing around. At least that part of the story was positive. Once we made it to his place, I guided him to him to his bed and basically laid him down. In fact the fur he had going gave him all that much more definition. It did mine and I really regret it.

If only those kinds of stories were real. Yeah, he is because I followed it all on Facebook. Only time would tell whether I could get over my feelings for him. In fact, his tuition was being paid for on a sports scholarship.

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The reality was, he would never feel the same for me. Instead, he started working for a tech company in Houston.

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So I replied and asked him to give me time. That was a role I still needed to fill. Summer came, and my friend and I would have months in between us. You also love everything about them. Their smile, their scent, their eyes, their voice, and everything they love is yours to love, as well.

Doing my straight friend

In fact, I knew there had been a serious shift in our friendship. We saw our friends and hit it hard with beer. It was my job to pretend to be indifferent whenever he kissed a girl, or had his arms wrapped around her, looking at her in the eyes, caressing her thigh. My plan was to drop him off at his room and head back down to mine.

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One of the straight ones was Dillon, a scruffy faced, athlete from West Texas. What made the experience more painful is that I knew we were still best friends. And the closer we became as friends, the more I fell for him. We had been to them before, usually with his girlfriend and some buddies in tow.

You know, crap like studying for hours in the library, working out at the campus gym and palling around with our group of friends. Can you help me get into my dorm Lukie?

After he blew out his milk, Dillon was pretty much passed out. Luke Back when I was in college just a few years ago, I made one of the biggest mistakes I have probably ever made.

So when it came to him having love interests, it was my job to support him. In other words, to never face the truth and sit quietly in pain for as long as our friendship took us. It was telling me to ride the pain out, because at the very least I would get to be with him. Unless there are special circumstances, it will likely change your friendship forever. That and him getting making the mistake of drunk-texting his mother and thinking it was his girlfriend.

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Enough though to get him to the point that he could release. Only time will determine whether the empty space I now feel in my heart will stay that way forever. And he obviously knew that I had feelings for him based on what happened in his dorm that night.

And so there he was, laying on his back drunk, hairy chest and all. My mind, however, knew that I had to make it stop. So someone dialed us a cab and we went back to campus. The only thing that was hotter than his biceps and decent looking six-pack was his hairy chest.

And so a few weeks back, I made the decision to do what was best for me. Not exactly the stuff of fantasies, huh? My heart was telling me to suffer.

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He kept bring her up more and more in fact, which made me wonder if he was using her as a way of disproving what had happened. His other half had been feeling sick and insisted he go anyway with me to have a good time. His reply killed me because at that moment, I knew there was no going back. We were enrolled in several of the same classes because like me, he too was going for his bachelors in business administration. And as usual at these kinds of parties, there are always drinking games with shots.

What was a challenge was helping him stay vertical as we walked up the stairwell. And it really hurt when I would call him on the phone and he would tell me that he was busy with his girlfriend. He laughed at me and giggled, which made him all the more attractive. The heart can only take so much. It might seem selfish, but in reality I was doing what was right.

All I can tell you is that I helped him pull his jeans off and also his boxers too and one thing led to another. That pain, when left to accumulate inside your heart, can take its toll on you.

It pained me every time I hung out with him. It was my job to offer him advice and encourage him to pursue his love interests and to follow his heart. Was it Ping Pong Cups or Mr. If I could take back what happened I would because it ruined our friendship.

Breaking Up with My Straight Best Friend