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Navy blue and red Presley was the most common and popular back then.

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As crazy as it sound, its true and infact, a few of our editors were guilty of this. Wallet with Chain Works on both long and normal sized wallet, this trend started off with metal chain and evolved to woven and even leather straps. These are usually matched with men accessories like neck chain, bracelet or ring. Sweater over shoulder or waist Proto Credit This is in line with the long center parting hairstyle where guys are going after the flowy hair, artsy look.

Bell-bottom Jeans

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They were commonly sighted wearing the tight fitting ones that almost get them out of breathe and sucking in their stomach thinking they look fit. And did we miss out any classic ones you would like to share with the community.

This fashion trend was popular with guys of all shapes and sizes. Center Parting Picture Credit Not so much of a fashion, taylor swift zimbio dating website but this hair style goes hand in hand with the above-mentioned fashion trends. These hairstyles are usually done in combination with the then famous GoodLook hair gel.

Bell-bottom Jeans Before your chinos and tapered pants, there were these, the bell-bottoms. How many of these have you tried back then or even until today?

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The pockets were normally all the way till the bottom! People literally queued up to get their hands on one of the few hundred pairs of limited edition sneaker released. These sneakers were sold even till today! Even the ladies were doing it. One funny thing about buying the fake ones is that they usually shrink!

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Onitsuka Tiger Sneakers These Asics sneakers caught the fire soon after the Adidas sneakers and Singaporeans traveling to Taiwan just had to bring back a pair or two. The list curated is geared more towards the context of Singapore and we are pretty sure most reader can relate to at least one or more of these fashion trends. That lasted for quite a while until shops in Singapore started bringing them in as well as Onesuka opening their own boutiques that its popularity slowly died off.

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If we are not wrong though, the original ones can be bought in Taiwan together with the next item. After reading this post, did we managed to bring back any good or not so good memories? Usually the popular sizes fetch the highest price exactly like the iPhone.

Dating Singapore Men - Meet Single Guys from Singapore