Degrassi jenna and kc hook up, 17 heartbreaking degrassi moments guaranteed to make you cry

K.C.-Jenna Relationship

Degrassi jenna and kc hook up

17 heartbreaking degrassi moments guaranteed to make you cry

They have, however, remained polite towards each other after their break-up. He confesses that it has been hard for him to move on, while it seems easy for Jenna. The conversation ends when Jenna says he can't ignore his mother for the rest of his life. He and Clare were woefully mismatched, in what was an obvious case of the writers chem-testing the new characters in their first seasons. Just when Lisa leaves to get ice cream for K.

Jenna cries upon looking at the photos and decides to write a song about her break up with K. Bianca attempts to make conversation, but ends up getting into a dispute with Jenna and K. Guthrie and Jenna Middleton is known as Kenna K. As if that wasn't bad enough, Zoe's devastation led her to hook up with Zig herself, torching Zig's relationship with Maya and her own friendship with Grace.

K.C.-Jenna Relationship

If Jonah dies in that season finale bus crash, I will riot. While they try to, she lets out strange noises of gas and stench. Jake and Katie had killer chemistry, and it didn't quite make sense that they never got back together before each of them exited the show.

Imogen was one of the show's precious few bisexual characters, and the discovery of her sexuality through her relationship with Fiona was lovely. These two had oodles of chemistry, and their ship name was Savvy J. Spinner and Manny had nothing in common, they didn't hang out with the same crowd, and their relationship came completely out of left field. After rarely interacting while being on the show with one another for nearly a decade and literally never once flirting, Spinner and Emma got married while drunk at a casino with Jay and Manny. He then walks off in towards the bus with his teammates.

KC & Jenna Photo - Every Degrassi couple ranked

Being with Alli made Johnny a better man, and they truly did love one another. After initially not particularly liking one another, Drew and Clare became good friends. Drew and Bianca just couldn't quit one another, and I just couldn't quit them. It never got more interesting than that, mostly because Blue was a total non-starter of a character. My goodness, these two were just adorable.

K.C.-Jenna Relationship

Nothing terrible happened between these two. Frankie, at least, has by now moved on to bigger and better things. In the end, they couldn't work it out, though.

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  1. There was nothing memorable about Kelly and Emma's relationship.
  2. These two at least deserve better than a break-up-by-death.
  3. She later states Tyson is the reason they're still together.
  4. Jane randomly cheating on Spinner with Declan made no sense whatsoever.
  5. Even throughout her trainwreck of a relationship with Jesse, Ellie's feelings for Craig continued.
  6. So then, of course, Marco catching Dylan cheating on him was heartbreaking.
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This pairing also could've been done with a bit more of a slow burn, to make Yael forgiving him slightly more realistic. With her parents out of the picture, and only her brother to rely on, she seeks comfort in K. Jenna thinks that's good, but K. The build up to this relationship and, particularly, to their first kiss was top notch.

But Tristan wasn't remotely over Miles, so Vijay was unceremoniously kicked to the curb. While they weren't built to last given that they both had other great loves, they were fun and flirty and charismatic when the going was good. Like Drew, he's cheated on just about every girl he's been in a relationship with. It was inevitable that Bianca would come between the two of them, speed but Drew and Alli were adorable while they lasted.

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Degrassi jenna and kc hook up. Was still in a relationship with

Their relationship also made Becky a much better character. It was so surprising, but simultaneously not surprising at all. She pretends that he dumped her so he can keep his cool new reputation while Trish asks her and Clare to join the Power Squad.

Hell, he was still writing her letters and planning to visit her when he was with Mia, so she must have meant something to him. They were definitely one another's first love. There's no denying that these two still have chemistry, but they don't seem like they'll make it long-haul. At least Ellie landed the Editor-In-Chief position anyway!

Adam adored Becky and, despite her issues with her religious, conservative family, Becky adored Adam right back. He rummages through her stuff. When Dave asks Jenna and K.

Degrassi jenna and kc hook up

Clare begins to piece it together that K. Jay and Alex were terrible as a romantic pairing. While walking into class, free K.

  • Vijay is adorable, and this could have been very cute.
  • He wrote a song for her, dammit!
  • Their first relationship ended when Tristan realized Miles still had feelings for Maya, and there was a lot of bisexuality shaming and denial on Tristan's part, which was hugely messed up.

On the bright side, Peter supporting Emma through her eating disorder was great, and the first real hint that he might become something other than an utter tool. Unfortunately for Chris, hook up cornwall he was really just a filler dude in between Emma's various reconciliations with Sean. Darcy was Peter's only worthwhile relationship. Zoe's crush on Grace was what got Zoe to come to terms with the fact that she's a lesbian.

Chemistry, after all, is the maker or breaker of ships. It was kind of hilarious to watch Leia dump Danny, thinking he'd come back to her, 2jive dating site only for him to just go ahead and date Chantay instead. This couple made no sense.

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His life and their relationship both ended horribly, and yes, I'm still holding it against Zig. He marginally improved while dating Anya, but they eventually broke up offscreen after she left to join the Army. This relationship was only slightly better than Damian and Emma.

This relationship made no sense. The early days of their relationship were great, but everything post-Manny was terrible. These two were so very blonde together. Their relationship was by no means healthy. Adam had just died earlier that same season, and here were his brother and ex-girlfriend making out.

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Jenna comes along and says that he didn't answer any of her calls last night. But Winston and Frankie, as a rare example of that, totally worked. They think they are ready, but are annoyed by Caleb's irrational behavior. The fact that they never resolved things and reunited before Adam died was a travesty.

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