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You'll love this Double Dragon twice as much as any other. Most Recent Forum Activity. Now, at last, they're in first-class graphical form on the Genesis in an original, knuckle-busting adventure. The graphics are good, the play is identical to previous versions and the detail in the backgrounds is retained. The weapons were also modified and, for example, the steel bats and dynamite sticks were replaced by shovels and grenades.


Be careful on the broken bridge. According to American Technos Vice President Aldo Donnaloia, Tradewest negotiated with them to try to gain the rights to the sequel, but they never reached an agreement. There are also few tracks from the original Double Dragon game.

Double Dragon by Virgin is a one-player, side-scrolling beat-em-up that takes you through four murderous, multi-stage levels. The enemies are more vulnerable when they are down!

There are now nine new levels of action and suspense, not to mention the graphically striking intermission sequences which set up the climactic ending of the game a la Ninja Gai Den. GameBoy Double Dragon is a nearly perfect version of the classic coin-op.

Virgin brings Double Dragon kicking and punching to Game Gear. Double Dragon is a fairly decent game for the small screen, but it is hard to see exactly what is going on sometimes. Bandai's mobile version of Double Dragon doesn't do the original justice. The game has an expanded story, pet rescue saga hack including cutscenes before each stage of which there are nine.

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Mission Ten takes you to your final destination, Anderson and Gordon's hideouts. Needless to say, you are mad and out for blood!

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Now you can take all the adventure of the Double Dragon series with you in this incredible Game Boy sequel! Game Gear fanatics who missed the excitement of Double Dragon, which has hit every system from hand-helds to bit units, now have Double the power, Double the fun, and Double the trouble! Read more about it in the blog post. Jason Hess and his brother, both of Clinton, Michigan, have found a new move not mentioned in the instruction booklet.

The Revenge follows the continuing confrontations of Billy and Jimmy Lee. He has to be defeated for the players to get through the next level.

The game moves very fast even faster than some of its bit counterparts and scrolls across the screen smoothly. Elbow smashes are the best way to take out theAbobos. Top rate graphics help compliment this super sequel. Excluding Off-topic Review Activity.

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When fighting an Abobo, the jump kick seems to work the best. The game was followed by sequels and was released for incredibly lots of other platforms over the time. Take That, Street Scum Billy's girlfriend, Marion, has been beaten and taken hostage by a group of street thugs.

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There are a few sound effects, such as a motorcycle roar and a chainsaw buzz, but they basically all sound the same. Although the character animation is pokey, the sprites are very big, and the backgrounds, such as the city streets, the forest, and the hideout, have what it takes. Two brothers, Billy Lee and Jimmy, are powerful martial artists living in a city overrun by the Black Warriors gang. This will not affect the original upload Small Medium How do you want the image positioned around text? Bruce's attacks control well even with the expected shortage of buttons.

This one- or two-player beat-em-up supports the ComLynx. These versions all differ in a variety of ways, from minor elements to major gameplay changes. Billy's girlfriend, Marion, has been beaten and taken hostage by a group of street thugs. Each character has its own set of skills and attacks which can be performed by using the joystick and three action buttons individually or in combination.

However, the ultimate fist-to-face pounding move is the Aerial Uppercut. If the control was better, it would be decent.

Gameplay Arcade Version The first level in the arcade game. The Game Gear graphics are spectacular with every sprite movement well-detailed. If this one doesn't down your enemy, you know he's a boss. The theme is a bit stale next to upcoming efforts like Viper, but for now it's king of the kicker carts!

At the end of Missions Four and Eight, a detailed map reveals your progress. The Mega Drive version is largely unchanged from the arcade game, only slightly altering the second stage. Punching, kicking, jabbing, knife stabbing, baseball whacking, you name it, it all happens during the four levels of gut-busting action. The problem with the jump kick is that it takes quite a few solid hits to get rid of an Abobo, and if you are pressed for time, this simply will not do.

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