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The episode features never-before asked questions, including some from fans. Colleen Ballinger and her politically incorrect, tone-deaf, fame-obsessed character, Miranda Sings. The show also ventured overseas to London and Dublin. Devin Super Tramp Edit Aug. Ultralights, crows, fossils, Crown Victorias and much more.

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Colleen Ballinger Edit Mar. She ended up proofreading Japanese and English for a Manhattan based translating firm instead of her initial dream of writing screenplays. Depending on the final amount of money, the tour would be expanded to Canada, Europe and Australia. By this time, fans were generally demanding the show to go on tour - the trio decided to take NoFilterShow on the road, syncing the tour dates with Hannah's Hello Harto. The kitchen episodes, which she films at a host's house in the city she visits, are uploaded on Thursday, also to her main channel.

Hart used her Macintosh computer to record herself drinking wine while attempting to make a grilled cheese sandwich without any cheese. The show quickly gained popularity through Tumblr and YouTube. Rhett discusses how being successful in sports helped shape him into the person he is today, while Link examines his sports experiences as a case study in anxiety.

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The theme song for the tour, written by Hart, was accompanied by a video of fans jaunting in front of their favorite places. The Fine Brothers Edit Jan. Grace shares what it was like growing up, how she got her start with comedy, and what it takes to make her consistently hilarious daily show. Jenna also shares never-before-heard information about her very public breakup, and confirms, for the first time, her relationship with a new guy. Elle and Blair Fowler Edit Aug.

Michael Gallagher Edit Mar. Brittani Louise Taylor Edit Dec.

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This is part one of a two part series with Shay Carl on Ear Biscuits. Unshared Tales of a Life Fully Loaded. The guys also hit on his recent high profile heartbreak, fourty-three and dating and how a new crush and a thirst for innovation in the new media industry has brought him both personal and professional success.