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While the two stars were filming Friends with Benefits, they had to portray friends who happen to engage in casual sex together. Both Justin and Alyssa seem to be doing just fine now. The duo ended the relation when Finn started to get jealous.

This led many to believe that the two had hooked up and were dating. After that, radio universidad uach online dating both were spotted dating each other many times. Both of them were touring with their respective bands and that meant that doing the typical teenage-dating things was super-tricky.

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In fact, we doubt that anyone could really recall this romance. Well, the girl in the video was Staci Flood herself! Sheesh, some girls have all the luck!

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Yes, the time when Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears called it quits as boyfriend and girlfriend. About a month into the speculations, Justin and Alicia went their separate ways and stopped spending so much time together. Justin was getting ready to shoot to fame in the boy band, Nsync. Jenna was working as a backup dancer and that she ended up being the rebound girl for Justin after he split from Brit.

And we all know how Brit spent the following few years. She was the third girl in two years after Justin broke up with Britney. Looking back, now we can see why he dated Staci for a minute. It was pretty devastating when they broke up. The relationship went on to become one of the high-profile celebrity relationships of all time.

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Justin and Alyssa got their names together the same year when Justin was found with Jenna. So, needless to say, Justin and Mila had to spend some time in bed while shooting the film. You took the words right out of our mouth, Alyssa! Justin was supposed to be caressing her in bed, but Mila was dead-tired and actually dozed off.

She was part of an all-girl band called Innosense we know, lame in the mids. There was a news in media that both broke up as Ditto was trying to sell private details of their bonding. That means that Tatyana is also musically gifted. So from April to July of that year, he was hanging around with Tatyana Ali.

Justin got together with Jenna after he broke up with Britney, but the friendship between the two was not more than a few months long. We loved that music video and the sexier Justin Timberlake that went with it. They got together in London of course and were spotted kissing in public a few times.

She was smoking hot in that video, too! The couple dated each other for a year before parting ways from each other. Anyway, while both of them have since moved on, they were a hot commodity for a bit. The film was also a defining moment in pop culture and mainstream culture, in which friends-with-benefits started to become socially acceptable.