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They said that, honestly, there is a lot of racism between Indians and Africans especially when it comes to dating and marriage. Comedy aside, Varshita has a cultural narrative - interracial dating - and being one of the creators and producers of the show, sedating babies on planes why is it important to tell this story? This is the first show in Kenya where we really delve into the challenges and realities of interracial dating.

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There is so much talent and not enough platforms. Lets be honest, it's always more fun playing the villain!

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What was your dating experience in college? When you go to Nigeria or South Africa, corporates sponsor films and it is a big deal. Bachelor of Education in English and English Literature. It was a long distance relationship. It is good to humble yourself at that age and listen to other people.

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She is also a celebrated radio presenter. What crazy things are we going to witness in this new show? When we met with Mnet, they just loved the idea. The head nun who ran the campus hostel where I stayed would get annoyed with me and my friends who would leave to go clubbing most weekends.

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Secondly, in your head, you need to think, feel and breathe your character. Now that she is old enough to care, I get her approval before I write a single word, post a single picture.

Have you ever milked a goat? It should come across naturally and effortlessly.

Once you watch it you'll see it's a whole different feel. Which celebrity annoys you the most? Varshita is a culture specific comedy show about love and relationships. That I should have appreciated my flat iron board tummy sobs. What supply in your house is running low?

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How is Varshita different from Auntie Boss? If you could go back to college, what would you do differently? My favorite place is the kitchen. First of all, you have to be comfortable with it and accept your character.

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