Girl i'm dating has a lot of guy friends, formatting your post

My husband has lots of female friends, including exes. Relationships Inspiration. Be prepared to battle jealousy. And not because of immaturity or insecurity.

You just notice the guys who make you feel insecure. Someone who is friendly with some of their exes shows that they are such a good person that even the exes who shared heartache with him can be friends. Originally Posted by KillerInstinct. Because I'm the female version of your boyfriend too, with two ex-boyfriends-who-are-now-friends. You can have a great body without being muscle-bound.

Personally I prefer girls as friends and not because I want to screw them. So I would say it depends on the girl and how she acts with them. Before you fall victim to a girl on girl crime, stop and get to know the women in his life. How long have you been dating her? This is a not a place to get dates This sub is mainly for talking about dating experiences, advice, and questions.

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My answers are yes and no, respectively. Anyway, all that's to say that I've been in your shoes and it takes some doing to get past it. Then meet these guys and get to know them! In the situations where one of the other of us still harboured feelings, friendship just could not happen, and ongoing social interaction was way too fraught with drama. Or should he be changing his behavior?

If that was so important why wouldn't she like the studs she hangs out with? If you want out, I'd appreciate it if you told me so before carrying on with anyone else. She will get angry at you if you ask her not to hang out with them, but perhaps not because of why you may think. As the previous two points have indicated, friendships with the opposite sex have limitations. Have you ever dated someone with several friends of the opposite sex?

No sexism, racism, homophobia, ad hominem posts, or rudeness will be tolerated. If you like one of your guy friends as more than a friend, be honest! When i say liar and can't be trusted i mean i would catch her in her own lies. Even after we broke up several years later she propositioned him again and he turned her down again. Meet them, be civil with them.

That sounds like his relationships and breakups have been well-adjusted, adult, and that he doesn't only see the value in people while you're dating but when you're friends, too. Further, there is often a gatekeeping effect, where a woman's male friends will suss out and test new suitors, and have an insight into their intentions and psychology. The friends of the family who have known her for her whole life? She's chosen to date you, not them.

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Dating a girl with a lot of guy friends


If she does not detach from these chaps naturally, it's either not the right relationship for her, or not the right relationship for you. But I really think you either need to get over this or not date her. It sounds like you're uncomfortable with this, and that's fine, you have a right to your feelings, hook up but I would think it unreasonable if you demanded that he change his behavior.

That was because she tried to kiss him once before I dated him, and he spontaneously vomited. Probably more likely if you're too vigilant. Originally Posted by DazedNdConfused. To the original question, though, I think the key issue is to meet the guys, get to know them, and get to understand the actual dynamics. Maybe her male friends are pretty much her family.

Did she grow up with any of them? We don't live together, but she hangs out with them when I'm not there, just her and a few guys. Partners are there to make us feel better about stuff sometimes, even if it's irrational. Um, you might want to have someone follow her after work, dating cause her trail of bread crumbs might lead you to said co-workers place.

Who is this so-called friend

  • Family and family-type relationships as well.
  • It sounds like you're approaching this with a level head in not expecting him to change his ways.
  • It's not healthy for guys to keep a girl away from her friends.
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3 Cautions for the Girl With Lots of Guy Friends
Dating a girl who has mostly guy-friends dating

15 Problems Only Women With Lots of Guy Friends Understand

You sound insecure about the relationship and yourself. Make a list, mental or written. However I had no qualms about their friendship or about them hanging out one one one without me there. Belittling, gaslighting and patronizing are not things a man who is truly committed to rebuilding a healthy relationship with you would try. Because telling someone not to spend time with their friends is a really shitty thing to do in a relationship.

Do you trust your girlfriend to not cheat on you or not? Then ask yourself, should you listen to your gut? As a coda, the next step is being married.

Girlfriend has a lot of close guy friends should I be worried
What To Do When Your Girlfriend Has A Lot Of Guy Friends
  1. This kind of stuff is kind of like Cold War nuclear politics.
  2. And in that case, she will probably have more girl friends than guy friends.
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  4. Just pretty much echoing what everyone else is saying.

Maybe they have a beautiful, platonic, deep relationship that is a huge source of joy and sustenance for both of them. Transparency and trust are key here. Maybe because they have so many available men around they act differently, but that information alone doesn't say much about the woman. No soapboxing or promoting an agenda. You're free to have your own preferences.

Until you have evidence of unfaithfulness you can only assume the best. By Testifier in forum Misc. Are there things you could think of that would help you boost your confidence levels?

I m interested in this girl but she has a lot of guy friends

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Well, I think there are two questions here, which have kind of become conflated as one issue in the thread. It's really upsetting and oppressive to be perfectly honest with someone and still have them mistrust your every move. So, not my favourite, but no one comes without history or baggage and I can think of much worse.

This guy really is a great one, and I don't want for my problem to end what we have going here. Try being good friends first. Why is she with you if she could be with then? Ok, it seems like every girl I date has a lot of guy friends or at least one best-friend who's a guy. In need of a good laugh this week?

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Men like your boyfriend just don't do it for some women. But it sounds like you've already had that conversation. But if you really care about her, and if she's not leaving you out to hang out with them, first dating messages that get just assume she isn't and move on.

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Originally Posted by aristomeow. You're not a bad person for having insecurities. If your girlfriend had five brothers, you wouldn't feel sexually threatened by that, would you? The first is, essentially, can straight men have legitimately platonic friendships with straight women? Maybe other chicks are different, but I don't have time for all the hassle.

Should she stop being close to her father, her brothers, her uncle, her grandpa, her cousins? In time, either she will put down those friends and build something with you, or she will not, and you will go find something else. If you can't let go of your jealousy and possessiveness and insist on remaining in a romantic relationship with your girlfriend, you'll both miss out on a lot of great opportunities.

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