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Eventually she was the one who spoke first as she pointed out their destination. They didn't speak, but Tina felt like the language of their tangled hands said everything. His smile is so cute, Tina thought. Quinn en Santana are battling to become Queen of Constance, Kurt tries to get an internship at Vogue and Tina feels invisible. He goes on a date with Tina, but feels betrayed when she confesses she has been faking her own disability, a speech impediment.

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He was the quarterback in football, he's not the Rachel Berry of Glee. In the pilot episode, tumblr perks of dating me memes Kurt auditions for the glee club by performing Mr.

Quinn took a screenshot and sent it to herself, but she did it without really paying attention to it. That maybe scared him the most, because it was not only about him, but about his father and his future. Quinn tells Puck that she wishes to deal with her pregnancy by herself.

This is Part One of my Glee Scoop-a-palooza and there will be much more to come! Guest stars Kristin Chenoweth appeared as former glee club star April Rhodes. Later in the same episode, Puck joins the glee club. She was observing Artie who was talking to a classmate and couldn't help thinking that. Simultaneously she and Artie started reading the new blast.

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Well done, T, you're making your way up to the Upper East Side. Apparently they all had their big secrets. That is some fine-tasting lip gloss, Kristin. According to Finn, she's completely in denial. Harper denies it of course, but Gossip Girl spotted her outside of a clinic.

She hadn't told Artie what they were going to do. She had never been in any kind of relationship and she had never participated in stupid spin the bottle games on parties, because she had never been invited to one of those. Before Artie could respond, a familiar ringtone rang through the coffee shop.

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She indicates that she and Matt are dating, however in the episode Hairography she sexts with Puck and confronts Quinn angrily, warning her to stay away from her man, referring to Puck. She didn't even know Santana was seeing or dating a guy, but the conversation was obviously between two lovers. She scrolled through the apps on Santana's phone. We haven't cast anyone so no, I don't know anything. And the scene in which she agrees to take in Quinn reminded me of Kurt's lovely coming-out to his dad earlier.