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She walks up to him and punches him in the crotch. Brittany's room is pink and looks like it belongs to a seven year old except for the fact that the dresser is covered with perfumes, jewelry and other such things. They are together with the others and Sue at Mr. You suck on her throat nipping it in some places so you can hear her breathing hitch. And she takes them into the house.

  1. She looks really sad but by the end of the Warblers performance of Silly Love Songs she is smiling.
  2. Rachel and Wes Warbler- Relationship.
  3. In the choir room Santana is sad because she's single on Valentine's Day.

Ultimately she decides that helping Rory will help the glee club in the long run. By the time glee comes around everyone, but Brittany and Santana who skip to their seats in the back corner, slops in and sit as far away from the Latina as possible. Home They link pinkies and walk out together after Glee practice.

Brittany is relucant at first. Brittany finds Santana after she ran out of prom. Santana orders a smoked salmon sandwich while Brittany get some pasta. At cheerios practice, you can see Santana and Brittany are in parallel spots in the pyramid, each in pretty much the same location, just on opposite sides. Though no one knows the reason why they are gone at least the real reason.

Kurt's the trick to winning prom queen and getting Britt. The girls ask them to dinner, which they say they will attend unless they find hotter chicks by then. At the end of the performance, france 5 casual dating Artie throws Brittany a bouquet full of flowers.

IcyBoomBox Fanfiction Recs. Summary Rachel Berry has had enough. Rory goes over to Finn's with Rachel to work on the song some more. Rachel and Santana- Relationship.

Brittany-Santana Relationship

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Tina in the Sky with Diamonds. She deserves to be happy and not manipulated by Santana. Especially since she thinks Santana is the best thing to happen to Brittany.

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Santana listens intently as Brittany does her presidential speech, born again christian dating showing her support. Santana buries her face in Brittany's shoulder whilst Brittany whispers something in her ear. Both Brittany and Santana come back to Lima for Mr.

Brittany-Santana Relationship

The promo also showed Brittany walking off to take a shower and stopping, looking at Santana and smiling before walking off. Who is already clad in her gear. Schue's house on Christmas Eve. Brittany says she also has something to say, to which her parents look worried. If I were prom queen I could get Brittany to drop the four-eyed loser and go for the real queen.

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Rachel and santana dating fanfiction

Brittany says the same, and they both kiss. Brittany and Santana are both seen hanging up Kurt's campaign posters and Kurt tells them he doesn't like them. Brittany looks to Artie during this line with serious, pleading face and Artie is looking confused at April. Afterwards, Santana tells her that she was amazing as ever but Brittany disagrees and tells her that she has to continue working on quantitive algorithms and leaves. The First Time During Rachel's emergency sex meeting they are together.

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While there, Santana questions their relationship and asks if they're dating. But Brittany was dating Sam and told Santana she wasn't gonna break up with him. Quinn then says that Santana is just getting naked with Puck implying that they aren't dating, dating site ftm at this point Brittany is with Artie. Which reminds me she loves ducks and roses. They have been moving side to side spinning.

Brittany discovers, that Pierce, her father, is not her biological father. Who ever thought being fluid meant you could be so stuck? Brittany is also the first to stand up to clap. Brittany says she loves her sweet lady kisses and Santana says it's a nice break from all the scissoring having sex.

Brittany watches the song trying her best not to enjoy it, but is seen smiling for an instant. You pull away for only a second before seeing the pale skin of her throat. She perks up when she hears Blaine say he would be happy for Kurt to go back to McKinley if it weren't for Karofsky.

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Artie apologizes to Brittany by singing Isn't She Lovely. Brittany then makes her realize that being on Broadway is not really what she wants to do. Quinn angrily says that she doesn't care about a stupid show choir competition. So now that you know that what do you want?

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She also promised herself that she would do her laundry at home because then she would get to see Brittany. This may refer to the Brittana fans who dislike their relationship. And spilling all their secrets to Jacob. Brittany meets Santana by her locker with her laptop and shows the playlist she's made for her for Valentine's Day. Sue Santana and Quinn get into a fight in the hall over Quinn taking her head cheerleader spot.

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No one will ruin what they have so long as they are together everything will be fine. Santana looks pissed when Rory wants his pot of gold. You were on the Cheerios and now your only on the New Directions. Santana doesn't want to, but Brittany drags her excited to see what is planned.

She then sits down next to Santana and says hello and Santana says hi back. Brittany is left looking really upset from the break-up. Santana says first of all there's a lot of talking going on and she wants to get her mack on. Before they run down the hall together they are seen hugging. Can she keep the act up, or does something better come along?

  • Mean while the rest of the glee club is in the auditorium minus Puck and Quinn who refuse to par take in something that will bring out Snix.
  • At the end of the performance, they all walk off-stage, except Santana and Brittany, Brittany kissed Santana's cheek.
  • April stops and examines the group before she starts to sing, she then sings the lyrics and directs them at certain glee members.

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Whilst Quinn had slightly different dance moves, Santana and Brittany had identical dance moves. Brittany starts shaking her head and a few tears start to come down her face again. They look into each other's eyes until they were interrupted by Mike. You were sitting on the floor eyes closed. That there's one other person in your life that can provide for you things that I'm supposed to provide.

Brittany-Santana Relationship
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They take off and Brittany feels Santana cling even tighter to her. They are seen walking together when Becky approaches them to tell Santana that Sue wants to see her in her office. Schuester said that their partners would be left up to fate.

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