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Jed s Half-Life Model Viewer 1.36 file

In this Tutorial I will explain to the best of my knowledge how the Half-Life Model Viewer can be used to view and inspect Models, super six video songs I take an indepth look at all the features this toolset provides. Shows a textured plane that scrolls when the model walks. This will show a models specular map added to the model if one exists.

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This will play sounds if any are associated with an animation. Half-Life First Person Shooter. Normal mapping for textures is not checked on by default.

You can manipulate the individual controls used to create facial expressions in a character. Hitboxes are individual boxes which encapsulate important sections of a model.

Jed s Half-Life Model Viewer

Constrains Min and Max to move in equal amounts in the opposite directions. Shows an axis handle to mark the illumination root of the model. This section is used to inspect and modify the ikchain setup of your model by creating ikrules for scenarios such as walking or interacting with attachments.

Jed s Half-Life Model Viewer (x86 x64)

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Refresh the hitbox in the previewer. Model viewer provides a number of options that allow for customization and enables it to provide a more complete representation of the models it has. Also includes an exciting multiplayer mode that allows you to play against friends and enemies around the world.

Here you can change the surface type. Unload any loaded weapons from a list. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Save a screenshot as a targa.

Not available in all versions. Display the Normal Map of the loaded model. Tweak Model materials in this tab and save to. The support thread for this tutorial can be found over in the forums. It is important though that you run hlmv.

Several improvements have been made to the mirroring of models. Save your current workspace as a. Display cloth as a static object.

Adds the frame number you want the model to contact with something. Modify the attachments orientation.

Half-Life Model ViewerJed s Half-Life Model Viewer

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If you find any issues or if you know of anything this document should include please feel free to send a mail onto me concerning it. Added fullbright rendering support Svengine specific. Preview Vertices that overlap or live in the same or close to point in space. Toggles the broken circular line that guides orbiting the model. Depending on what bone you have selected from the Dropdown Box the Material can vary from many predefined materials such as flesh, wood, concrete etc.

This lets you select between hitboxes which comes in very helpful when modifying existing hitboxes. It can now be used at any time, rather than when using a specific control panel. This allows you to select a bone and view the hitbox associated with it. Unable to load manifest file. Select which ikChain to affect.

These may not be available in all versions. Some characters have cloth vertex animation associated with them, this enables it. Affect the models rotational damping. However, the current version doesnt support the new texture features of the Half-Life engine.

Drag on the edge of the viewport. Unload any opened weapons from the viewer. This text will update once you make changes to the attachments.

Name the selected hitbox Set. This will reload the model and update it if there has been any texture, modelling or rigging changes.

Change the value of the selected parameter. Center the Model in front of the camera.