Jingle Bells Dance Remix Mp3

Nice as an intro-jingle, tv-show opening, etc. Jingle Bells is a Public Domain Song. As a present to you and your students, I have arranged one of the most popular Christmas songs, Jingle Bells, and made it available as a Free Download! This way, if the students have trouble singing the Jingle Bells part, at least they can participate in the actions! Over a dance groove and keys, audio love poems violins and synths take their turn playing this merry holiday tune.

Click Buy Credits to do this. Dream English on Facebook. The amount of credits needed varies depending on the length of the track. It's time for Christmas again. Maximum Rock N Roll A fast-paced, fun rock song with filthy guitars and a happy-go-lucky feel.

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Cossack Fever Russian, ukrainian happy track. Need more Free download Christmas Songs?

Be prepared for the New Year! If you are unsure, have a requirement not covered here, a limited budget or special requirement please get in touch. Boogie Disco Authentic sounding retro Boogie tune, with a strong Disco vive. Usage on local and independent stations is covered by our standard license.

Also note that the lyrics to the second part, I can jump, etc. Rhythm guitar gets us going and we're soon joined by string and brass melodies. Party Time Bouncy, upbeat, rocksteady, poptastic slice of reggae music featuring Rhodes organ, horns and guitars.

Merengue A fast merengue dance track - a style originating in the Dominican Republic - with a strong caribbean flavour and lots of energy. Dance version of famous Christmas carol.

Can be France, Eastern Europe, Gypsy etc. Need help downloading and saving the songs? Silent Night popular Christmas Carol. Caribbean Night Jubilant calypso music set to a driving beat. This song was very popular last year, and below you can see a video of it being performed by students in Thailand.

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Dancing In The Sun Upbeat brass and mallet samba. Great for holiday specials and commercials.

Garcons De Marseille A very upbeat, fun and cheeky accordeon track in Polka style. The Funky One A funk-pop groove with a fantastically catchy bass-line that feels positive and uplifting yet fashionable and fresh. Selecting the Correct License Type. You need to buy some credits to purchase this.

Another Happy Day Happy, carefree and a tiny bit mad. Other videos from Techno Christmas. Also, feel free to email me with any questions!

It must be combined with something, for example, a video, marketing message or voice over. The Recording on this Page is an Original Recording.

Color Fun Caribbean beachsid. Opposites Happy New Year Chant! As the teacher, you can say the word as I say it. Download the unbranded preview. Hello Song How old are you?

Jingle Bells (Dance Remix)

Purchased download credits never expire. See below for a downloadeble pdf of the lyrics and how to teach this song.

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How to Download My Track License? Over a dance groove and keys, violins and synths take their turn playing this merry tune. All trademarks appearing on this site are the property of the respective owners.

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What can this be licensed for? This license option allows for global, ongoing use on all known platforms with a single license fee. Credits you buy never expire, you can use them anytime.

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