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It has a tiny interface where a small magnifier is also visible. The screen freeze feature Windows only comes handy for picking the original colour of an element that changes its colour when the mouse cursor hovers over it. The higher the saturation, the purer and more intense the colour appears.

RGB (Red Green Blue)

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Improved input check for code-to-colour conversion. The first version of the Color Picker.

Just Color Picker is portable software and therefore doesn't need to be installed or uninstalled. Cons None at all Summary This is the best free color picker. Flaming or offending other users.

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Just Color Picker was reviewed by Elena Opris. It saves you tuning of Just Color Picker every time you run it on a new computer from a portable device. Unlike many other apps, call of duty 1 full version deutsch Just Color Picker was created by a person who actually uses it on an everyday basis. Do not confuse this with an app that can allow you to pick a color off your screen and see it's hex value.

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The harmonious colour scheme generator suggests a few colours that may be a good combination with the latest-picked, selected or being-edited colour. The gradient feature provides you with a wide range of nuances and gradations between the two latest picked or selected colours, in case you need an in-between colour. But I was looking for an app that has the eye-drop tool to grab the color from a different window, and then paste the color in a paint app that I have. So, you can use the mouse cursor to locate a color, view it enhanced in the app's frame, and use a keyboard shortcut to save the respective color. Easy-to-use and highly functional tool for anyone working with color.

Color Picker

You only need to use this key once, when you open Just Color Picker for the first time. Has a color mixture which allows choosing between Hex, Rainbow, Hue and Sliders mixer. It instantly gets stored to a swatch, of which you can even open a color wheel and see complementary or triad colors.

At first we worried about typing the hot keys while holding the cursor steady, but the hot keys are easy to activate with one hand, and you can change the key combo if necessary. It provides a magnifier and shows the preview of the area where your mouse cursor is moving. Correct the input and press Enter again. However, when Just Color Picker is run from a portable device, e. You can also use the arrow keys to move the mouse to select the desired color.

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If you can see it on your screen, you can capture its color code, even on a second monitor. Published by Shea Silverman. Like Just Color Picker, he is small, quick, good-looking, and knows a lot about colours and colour matching!

Pros can pick colors Cons not real advanced. It's possible to store to the list as many colors as you want.

Color Picker

It also has a magnifier but to use it you need to press a keyboard shortcut. Pros Free, easy to use, fast, lots of useful features, neat interface, portable.

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You can move the selected colour line up or down in the list using mouse drag-and-drop. Summary Great utility that does exactly what I needed it to do - determine the precise code of a color. It saves color schemes too. This helps you preview the pixel color easily and then grab the color code. They are all working and high rated tools.

Developed by Shea Silverman. The tool allows you to use web colors as well.

Ability to open, edit and save Photoshop's. Language supported English United States. Pixeur is exactly the program for which I was searching when I found your page.

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This set off my Norton as a high security risk before it even installed. Use command line or Run command from the Start menu.

Any people who used Photoshop at least once would know that you can use the built in eye dropper to select colors from anywhere on the screen. This Color Picker does not have the eye-drop tool. This is the best free color picker.

Can't fine-tune the color you chose without haphazardly clicking again hoping to get a good-enough color. Portable, no installation required. This happens as a result of the rounding discrepancy that arises from calculations during colour format conversions. It gets a bit annoying though when you have to pick up too many colors. But if you want more features than you should look into the previous ones.

No doubt that other software are also good to pick the color from desktop screen, but my favorite is Just Color Picker only. To translate the interface, simply download the zip-archive with language text files. Stay informed about special deals, the latest products, events, and more from Microsoft Store.

Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. Pros not much to talk about. Mixing pure colours with white produces so-called tints and reduces saturation.