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Antonioni's idea of commitment is female, as represented by Claudia, even if his films are full of disappearing women. Anna and her friends visit a bleak island in the Eolian chain, swim beneath the intimidating cliffs until Anna claims a shark is in the vicinity. When she thinks she sees Sandro and Anna coming down the stairs she runs into a paint store, but Sandro follows and confirms that Anna is not there. Sandro follows and quickly transfers his fascination to Claudia. Many scenes depend upon beauty and symbolism to justify their inclusion.

People in groups as people alone and isolated. While Claudia waits downstairs, Anna and Sandro make love in his house.

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The film ends with their ambiguous reconciliation as Sandro sits weeping on a bench and Claudia places her hand on his head. Their relationship is represented perfectly by this artistic mise en scene. The next morning she wakes up in a joyful mood, dancing and singing in the room while Sandro looks on amused. Zuria says he heard stories that Anna was spotted by a chemist in Troina. Anna and Sandro go off alone and talk about their relationship.

The film is both neo-realism and expressionism, exploiting documentary Time with spacial Symbolism. Claudia asks Sandro to go in alone.

They both seem passionately in love. Sometime later Corrado James Addams decides to leave the small island, concerned about the weather and rough seas. Claudia rushes off, startled by his actions.

Sandro returns to the hotel and tries to make love to Claudia, but she resists, telling him they should leave. She's never found, her disappearance another mystery like the ruins on the island, or the selves we shed like lovers. Aldo Scavardia music Giovanni Fusco star. As they drive away, they leave the frame, the camera in fixed contemplation of the bland modern facade of the empty church.

In Troina Sandro questions the chemist who claimed to have sold tranquilizers to Anna. Claudia goes to the mainland, takes a train, goes south as rumors of sightings are reported in the newspaper. After they pass Basiluzzo, Anna impulsively jumps into the water for a swim, and Sandro jumps in after her. She boards a train to Palermo, and as the train pulls away, Sandro runs after it and jumps aboard.

People seen in the mid-ground between viewer and horizon. Her lover and her best friend, during the subsequent search for her, become attracted to each other. Claudia decides not to attend because she's tired. At the Milazzo police station Sandro realizes the smugglers know nothing about Anna's disappearance.

Sandro is a creature of transition, a man who is unable to commit because he is a man. The landscape continually threatens to overwhelm the characters who are afraid to commit in a reality of rapid social change as measured by the new architecture as versus the old. After noticing Claudia admiring her blouse, she slips it into Claudia's bag as a gift. The road bisects the screen, marking the old from the new, and in a brilliant touch vanishes into the distant mirage of a Renaissance dome.

Sandro, Corrado, and Claudia continue their search and end up at a shack where they stay the night. The police arrive and conduct a thorough search, but find nothing. Sandro and Claudia resume their search together and drive south. The next morning the yacht reaches the Aeolian Islands north of Sicily.

Fcourt Lawrence Russell L'Avventura dir. Antonioni's narrative symmetry is as perfect as the palindrome that characterizes the heroine's name. It's this static action, with its compositional style taken from the academic tradition of painting, and the intrinsic omniscience of photography and ambient sound, t rex trying things the chive dating that defines the Antonioni method.

Anna might be in Noto, so they drive there, but find a modern church as deserted as the small town itself. She decides to search the other islands on her own. Exhausted, Claudia elects to stay in their room and rest rather than join the reception in the lobby. Sandro returns, descending the stairs from yet another rendezvous with nothingness. Sandro is annoyed, saying this type of behavior is typical.

Anna's father, a former diplomat, also arrives in a high-speed hydrofoil. Back in the room Claudia is unable to sleep. As their affair develops and they penetrate the sub-tropical south, they arrive at destinations which continually draw them into confrontations with themselves and history. When Anna yells that she's seen a shark, Sandro comes to her side protectively. The police announce that smugglers were arrested nearby and are being held in Milazzo.

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At the Chiesa del Collegio, a nun shows them the view from the roof. They all agree to meet up at Corrado's Villa Montaldo in Palermo.

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