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The Godavari and the Krishna are the two major rivers in the state. Staples such as rice and millet are the main monsoon crops. Maharashtra, Development Report. Nanded division of South central railway comprises Marathwada region.

Ganeshotsav festival in Pune. Rainfall is particularly high in areas adjacent to the Sahyadri mountains such as coastal Konkan on the west and foothills of the mountain range on the eastern side. According to a survey, most tourists visiting places in Maharashtra are from the state. Two other states, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh send the largest number of domestic visitors to Maharashtra.

The Great Maratha Mahadaji Scindia. The winter in January and February is followed by summer between March and May and the monsoon season between June and September. Director of Census Operations Maharashtra. Central Maharashtra receives less rainfall. They are engaged in agriculture, fishing and other rural occupations handed down to them by their ancestors.

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Maharashtra has a typical monsoon climate, with hot, rainy and cold weather seasons. Maharashtra has a parliamentary system of government with two democratically elected houses, the Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council. Project Tiger reserve in India. Mumbai cricket association.

He taught many brethren in Maharashtra and Karnataka. The songs from Hindi films and Marathi films are popular in urban areas. He trained the Marathi Christians to worship and sing Bhajan and Kirtan. In Maharashtra, great Marathi poet Narayan Wamanrao Tilak realised that a Hindu-Christian synthesis was simply not possible, unless the Christian religion had deep roots in the Indian culture.

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Marathi Christian highly retain their Marathi culture, and they have kept their Pre-Christian surnames. Konkan is the western coastal region, between the Western Ghats and the sea.

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Government of Maharashtra. Maharashtra Judicial Academy. The bhaaji s are vegetable dishes made with a particular vegetable or a combination.

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East Indians are more anglicized than the rest of Maharashtrian Christians, although they speak East Indian language as mother tongue. Directorate of Government Print. The banking sector comprises scheduled and non-scheduled banks. The Bhajan, Kirtan and Abhangas of the Varkari sect Vaishanav Devotees have a long history and are part of their daily rituals.

Maharashtra is the wealthiest state by all major economic parameters and also the most industrialized state in India. The biodiversity includes more than five hundred species of bird. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited. Wainganga River near Bhandara district. The Church of North India has dioceses in the state and is a large Protestant church with full communion with the Anglican Church.

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As in the rest of India, cricket is popular in Maharashtra and is played on grounds and in streets throughout the state. Pune, called the cultural capital of Maharashtra, site to punjabi songs also attracts many visitors during the annual Ganeshotsav festival.

Successful candidates receive the National Trade Certificate. July is the wettest month in Maharashtra, while August also gets substantial rain. Education information of India. The Gandhi cap is the popular headgear among older men in rural Maharashtra.

University Grants Commission. Monsoon starts its retreat with the coming of September to the state.

The Maharashtra Legislative Assembly Vidhan Sabha consists of members who are elected for five-year terms. These kingdoms often fought with each other. The period of British rule was marked by social reforms and an improvement in infrastructure as well as revolts due to their discriminatory policies.

Vidyasagar Rao is the Governor. The State continues to attract industrial investments from domestic as well as foreign institutions. State University of New York Press.

Bartholomew, one of Jesus Christ's apostles. Geography portal Asia portal India portal Maharashtra portal.

This type of dance is represented by both men and women. Aamti is variant of the curry, typically consisting of a lentil tur stock, flavoured with goda masala, tamarind or amshul, and jaggery gul.