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He chose to enter science through the study of medicine at the University of Berlin and received the M. However, particular attention needs to be devoted to the few.

Also, the dimerization of organic radicals derived from dyes led Michaelis to study the relation of this process to metachromatic effects in histological staining. Michaelis extended the scope of these studies, notably by showing in with Heinrich Davidsohn that the pH dependence of enzymatic catalysis resembles that of the dissociation of a weak acid. Michaelis, I wish to say that he taught me much and that true to the instincts of a good teacher he generously ignored the fact that I had had an opportunity to find what he later discovered. He was best known as the translator of numerous theological books, gui software including Theological Dictionary of the New Testament. App for the Web's most used Portuguese language dictionary.

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Translate the description back to Portuguese Brazil Translate. Bible Portuguese - English. National Academy of Sciences see above. In times of relaxation, as at the Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory, where he spent many summers, he was a lively conversationalist.

All Bible references are enabled, allowing the user to click upon a Bible reference to look up the reference in a preferred translation. Facebook Twitter YouTube Instagram. Please tell us where you read or heard it including the quote, if possible. Mi chae lis - Men ten kinetics noun plural but singular or plural in construction. In addition, there was a series of studies on cysteine, especially the mechanism of its iron-catalyzed oxidation and its reaction with iodoacetic acid.

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Moreover, Michaelis proceeded to acquaint himself thoroughly with the quantum theory underlying the principles of magnetochemistry. More Definitions for Michaelis constant.

The climate of opinion began to change only after the crystallization of pepsin by John Howard Northrop and the appearance of the valuable book by J. The Contributor and Co-Worker Index is also available. Three further editions appeared between and under the authorship of Richard Weissenberg.

They sound alike but that's it. His contributions range from embryology to magnetochemistry and bespeak the extraordinary fertility of his mind. The wrong words are highlighted. Explore the year a word first appeared.

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The same year he married, Michaelis received the title of ausserordentlicher Professor at the university of Berlin, a post without salary, laboratory, or funds for research. Search multiple dictionaries and thesaurus in Portuguese, all from reliable sources. Take the quiz Challenging Vocabulary Quiz Returns! If your text contains many special terms, abbreviations, and proper names, adding. Later he entered the arena of controversy between Ehrlich and Svante Arrhenius regarding the application of the mass-action law to immunology.

Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. Test your vocabulary with our question quiz! The indices of volume ten have been implemented as topic indices within Logos. This work, largely conducted in association with Rona, reflected the then-current preoccupation of biologists with the colloidal state of living matter. Definition of Michaelis constant.

Test Your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the way. His first efforts in this field with Louis B. Abbreviations, a commonly cryptic element of most theological works, can now be clicked upon in Logos, and the user will be provided with the full abbreviation definition from the abbreviation table. Therefore, if versions of Philo or Josephus are available to the user, these valuable cross references can be examined in their complete context.

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Resources for Mi chae lis - Men ten kinetics. This obliged Michaelis to delve deeply into the organic chemistry of the dyes that had been developed for the textile industry. For his later work, of greater impact was his introduction in to the ultramicroscope invented by Henry Siedentopf and Richard Zsigmondy and made commercially available by the Zeiss Optical Works. French and Spanish translations soon followed. In the latter work he enlisted the aid of experimental physicists but also contributed to the methodology by modifying the magnetic balance for the purpose of his studies.

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Michaelis dictionary - Portuguese translation LingueeMichaelis Dictionary of the Portuguese Language

Eligible for Family Library. There is no adequate biography of Michaelis, and most of the obituary notices on him are based on his autobiographical sketch with brief addendum by D. The historical development and theological nuances of each word are exhaustively explored.

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