My Scandalous Viscount

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Sebastian and Carissa are actually a pretty good match for one another. She carries a secret shame and being apprised of all the ton's gossip is her way of keeping herself safe. The thing with both of these wonderful characters is that they are both afraid of letting go of that place deep inside that a person always protects.

You'll have to read My Scandalous Viscount to find out. In comparison to the previous books in the series, 13 ghosts My Scandalous Viscount seems a bit tame. So you can understand my trepidation in picking up My Scandalous Viscount.

Please add your card again, or add a different card. Both honorable persons, Sebastian and Carissa will need to learn to trust each other and their growing love. Carissa yg tidak bisa diatur, juga sok menjadi agen gadungan membantu mengumpulkan informasi utk suaminya.

My Scandalous Viscount - King County Library System - OverDrive

Add a library card to your account to borrow titles, place holds, and add titles to your wish list. He never thought that falling in love with his beautiful wife would be even more disastrous than his job. Wasn't that the point of marrying her in the first place?

These men are dashing but even more they are daring. This is my first book by Gaelen Foley and I had no clue that it was part of a series. Jatuh cinta sama Beau dan Carissa. Training the next generation and in general learning to live.

But actually Beau was spending his time shagging left and right, with various loose women. This trait, while not necessarily a bad on can also lead to a lot of problems and create many sticky situations. He also gave Carissa amazing wedding presents and I'm weak like that. Carissa yang awalnya emang udah suka sama Beau nerima pernikahan itu dengan senang hati. Green has formed a committee and wants Beau, the currently acting head, to answer on behalf of the recent upheavals that the Crown knew somehow involved the Order men.

My Scandalous Viscount (The Inferno Club 5) by Gaelen Foley

The Secrets of a Scoundrel. As they sail to France to have a look, Carissa asks Beau about her. Up is down, right is wrong, women are men, and before you know it, no one needs anyone anymore.

The perfect read for a rainy day when you need a good romance to suck you in! Karakter Carissa juga lebih mirip Daphne, istri Max, walau Carissa lebih sotoy dan sulit dikekang. Their romance is sweet, and has just enough spice to keep things interesting.

My Scandalous Viscount (2012)

Blm beres masalah yg satu, muncul lagi masalah lain. Both have disappeared without a trace. Green, again, to bide some times for the other Order men.

Not owning up to that past mistake to Beau has caused him to doubt her honesty. And kind of hard to take seriously, since Beau was a giant man whore with plenty of Order secrets of his own.

There was quite a bit of tension and intrigue, and I found myself entertained constantly. Feeling just a bit irked, peeved and a teensy bit jealous she wanders in where she doesn't belong. Altogether a delightful read and an author that I will read more of. Both Beau and Carissa are injured, while Nick flees. Beau also was acting more of a diplomatic agent rather than a field agent, in this book, which made him way more interesting than the other Inferno Club dudes.

Beau wants to keep her safe Very good book. Other books by The Inferno Club. Selalu, seri Inferno Club berakhir dengan Happy Ending. When Beau takes her to the Inferno Club headquarters to fix her up she manages to discover his secrets.

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The ending showed that a whole new era is opening up for the Order men. And who takes care of the old people? Was he doomed to walk in his humiliated father's footsteps? He asks Carissa to stay where she is and rest.

My Scandalous Viscount (2012)

Foley writes to the reader at the end of the book that she intended this one to serve as a bridge to the next part of the series. When I found this available at the library, I knew that I had to pick it up, since I have been waiting months for it to become free for me to read.

Utk chemistry mereka, kali ini cenderung insta love, walau Beau sempat bimbang di malam pengantinnya, tapi saya salut dgn author yg menerjemahkan kedewasaan Beau menghadapi kenyataan pahit tsb. One thing she'd say for the brazen Angelique - she did not appear in the least ashamed of what she was. They are literally the definition of that period, rich, lush, sensual, decadent and that's just the setting. She came off as whiny and a bit ditzy, neither of which was very appealing. But now, caught in a compromising situation, he knows he must make her his bride.

Gaelen Foley really wow'ed me with the last installment in The Inferno Club series, but this one just didn't have the same effect. Carissa was no simpering miss or pig-headed, argumentative hussy. She comes out of the opera to warn Beau when Nick shoots at Beau, Beau shoots back friendly fire? Pasangan paling greget di banding pasangan yang lain di seri Inferno wkakakak.

Carissa isn't your typical proper lady but instead is a bit of a nosy busybody that finds herself entangled with the infamous Viscount Beauchamp. He's faced danger before-b Sebastian, Viscount Beauchamp, lives by a code of honor, and now honor dictates he must marry Miss Carissa Portland. Jordan was something entirely different. If the other books in this series have the chemistry in them that this one did, I will be set!

They hold a ball in honor of the marriage. Foley's tale captured my attention from the first page. Both of them doted and were so fond of each other. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

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This series has such much that sets it apart from other series in the same genre. This book coincides with the timeline of the previous book so in actuality the Order has two groups to protect themselves against. Often transitional stories are too much about the story and not enough about the characters and I was so relieved to see that Ms Foley knows how to avoid that pitfall. Carissa and Beau have been touched upon in previous books and it was great to get their story. Open Preview See a Problem?