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Did you know that Jaydeep came close to shutting down Faasos when things were going hopelessly wrong in Mumbai? Overview India, ranked th among countries for ease of doing business, is not the choicest place for startups. Tarun Mehta Ather Energy India has never been known for new product hardware development but that might change with the vision of Tarun Mehta. How did the startup figure out its business model?

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Reflections, Meditations, Introspections

Read how he spotted an opportunity and ran away with it. This book is a record of that eighteen-month journey.

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Nikhil Raiswasia shares his version of the fairy tale. The stories here are all about those decisions and what you can learn from them. Nistha has done a great job there. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, jeff whitley topeka dating asap. Where did the original idea for the startup come from?

These stories are important for all aspiring entrepreneurs in the journey. But all of them turned the corner by taking some right decisions. How did the startup get its first users and grow from there? Why did the founder bootstrap or seek funding? This curiosity led Nistha to pursue those who rose from humble beginnings yet making a dent in the Indian startup universe.

Nistha has truly captured an authentic perspective of what it takes to build companies in India! Hear most fascinating sales, marketing and team building stories from Deepak and Chakshu! How did a non-tech-inclined, Mechanical Engineer, Amit Ranjan, manage a distributed team between Delhi and Silicon Valley to build the famed Slideshare? What decisions did not work well and how did the founder recover from it?

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The craziness began in the name itself!

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