Peugeot 407 Manual

Regular servicing and maintenance of your Peugeot can help maintain its resale value, save you money, and make it safer to drive. When the vehicle is parked, the exterior mirrors can be folded back manually. The sunroof shutter is manual. Before replacing a fuse, angry bat birds game the cause of the incident must be found and rectied. Status of the functions This summarises the active or inactive status of the functions present on the vehicle.

When the needle is in zone D, the temperature is too high. Six-speed automatic gearbox supply. The cruise control is not yet active and no speed has been memorised.

Automatic gearbox control unit. Pull the red transparent cover outwards while maintaining the pressure on the tabs. Power steering warning light This indicates a power steering fault. Installed in the forwards facing position.

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If you wish to lock or deadlock your vehicle without setting the alarm, lock it one turn of the key or deadlock it a second turn within ve seconds maximum using the lock. Stop immediately, avoiding any sudden movement of the steering wheel and the brakes. Fill the wash-wipe and headlamp wash uid reservoir. To open the boot, press the push button and raise the tailgate.

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Oil lter Replace the cartridge regularly in accordance with the recommendations of the servicing schedule. Insert a thin screwdriver in one of the exterior holes of the transparent cover. This warning light comes on on the instrument panel screen. Demisting is switched off automatically to avoid an excessive consumption of current and in relation to the exterior temperature.

It controls the air conditioning, air ow and intake and distributes the ventilation to the windscreen and front side windows. There is a risk that the temperature setting value may not be reached and you risk having condensation on the windows. The windscreen wiping must be reactivated if the ignition has been switched off for more than one minute. Repeat the operation until the window closes completely, - continue to press the switch for at least one second after reaching this position, window closed.

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Lock the bulb holder in place. Precautions - The long object must be placed on the end of the front seat back and on the rear seat cushion. When the engine is warm, the temperature of the coolant is controlled by the engine fan.

When retting, ensure that the light is positioned and xed correctly. Browse Related Browse Related. The air ow symbol fan is displayed on the multifunction display and is lled in in relation to the value required. The temperature-related comfort is no longer controlled temperature, humidity, odour, condensation. If the permanent locking of the boot is activated, opening is only possible by pressing the remote control button.

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Switch off the ignition and get out of the vehicle. The lighting is controlled by opening the tailgate or the rear screen. They must be in place and adjusted correctly. Your new parameters are conrmed one by one, by pressing the navigator button.

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When the limiter is active, the display indicates e. It is imperative that the brake uid is changed at the intervals specied in accordance with the manufacturers servicing schedule.

When the button is pressed down, the switches are disarmed. This is the average speed calculated since the computer was last set to zero with the ignition on.

The safety auto-reverse function is not active during these operations. The value memorised ashes. Never select positions P or R unless the vehicle is stationary. For your comfort, when the ignition is switched off, the settings are stored until it is switched on again. Select the Air Conditioning icon using the navigator buttons.

The upper part must be positioned in the hollow of the shoulder. This is accompanied by the message on the multifunction display locating the wheel concerned. Set the alarm, by locking or deadlocking using the remote control button A indicator light ashes once per second. In all cases, the air bag warning light comes on.

The duration of the display is determined by the exterior climatic conditions. Oil level Check the level regularly and top up between changes.

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After an accident or if the vehicle has been stolen or broken into, have the air bag systems checked. In the Intermittent position, the wiping speed is in proportion to the vehicle speed.

Disarming check This is conrmed by the indicator light. The indicator light which corresponds to the mode set comes on. In the rst case, replace the remote control battery.

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When the windscreen wipers control is activated and you engage reverse gear, the rear wiper operates at intermittent speed. When the sunroof is closing and meets an obstacle, it stops then partially opens again. Battery charge warning light When the engine is running, this indicates a charging circuit malfunction battery terminals, alternator belt. Slacken the cap by two turns to release the pressure to prevent any risk of scalding.

Choose the Haynes manual that is right for you with our complete comparison guide. To fasten the seat belts Pull the strap, then insert the end into the clasp.

Close the fuse box cover carefully and ret the battery cover when you have nished. This action will unlock the boot only. Starting the engine with the handbrake on, position P or N in the gate, turn the ignition key.