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At the conclusion of the first series of The Block, Jono and Ben decided to discontinue this segment, however, a week later they both decided to make the show's presenter Mark Richardson the victim. This segment is somewhat similar to Hole in the Wall. When the customer exits the changing room he or she will walk into this room often very confused. The first two are often overseas clips but the third and winning clip will be a New Zealand clip.

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Rose Matafeo nominated for top international comedy award

One notable prank, in the first series, was when Guy refused to interview Justin Bieber because he thought it was a joke, leaving Bieber waiting in the interview chair for over half an hour. Some weeks Guy has also played pranks on both Jono and Ben. Jono's Holden Kingswood has also been the target of many pranks pulled by Ben including having Ben fire golf balls at the car and even having the black car painted pink. Sometimes Jono and Ben will prank Williams during this segment. The actor is wearing a handsfree mobile device with an earpiece, and Jono and Ben give the actor instructions from a remote room.

Rose tends to ask the speed dater questions which tend towards the inappropriate and innuendo. Each week a prank is played on either Jono, Ben, Guy or Rose. Again commitments elsewhere have limited Matafeo's involvement in the show, but it has provided the perfect platform for her to showcase her ability to play different characters. Matafeo made headlines here in late when she made an appearance on one of Britain's most revered comedy panel shows. It was latter that really put her on the New Zealand comedy map, dating game rodney alcala video earning her the coveted Billy T Award.

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Rose Matafeo wins Edinburgh best comedy show award

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No doubt this is just the first of many movie opportunities likely to be offered her way. One viewer's suggestion will then be played out the next week. Jono and Ben, with the help of The Block winning team Libby and Ben, entered Richardson's house and changed a room in his house to a Shane Warne cricket theme, as he and Richardson had a rivalry. While the celebrity tells this story Jono, Ben and the rest of the team will act out this story.

The actor is dressed in the company uniform and will try to help unsuspecting customers. This segment is normally played out on several customers. Introduced in the second series, Jono and Ben send a celebrity into a store posing as a staff member.

Guy will then locate the person in the clip and present them with the award, often trying to re-enact the clip and Guy ending up in an embarrassing situation. The celebrity is then given the challenge to do later in the show, act out the clip and achieve the same result as the clip.

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The purchaser is then sent to a house where actors are in place and the unsuspecting purchaser will end up entering the house and walking in on an awkward situation such as a nude couple. Pranks so far have included Jono and Ben building a wall over the entrance of Brad's office and playing music from Stan Walker on The Rock which falls outside The Rock format. Williams will do his best to interview those at the event often causing a humiliating scene for Guy Williams.