Saladin The Animated Series

He decided to lead his own army to conquer the land of Damascus, and this time, he doesn't want to fail. Nazih, one of the richest men, seeks help from Anisa to save his daughter from being killed by an assassin.

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Be the first one to add a plot. Many people still do not believe in the creative multimedia industry, especially in its potential to be a viable export orientated industry. He starts to show his military abilities in three campaigns against the Crusaders who were established in Palestine.

Trivia Saladin ruled Egypt for yrs. Growing up in Ba'lbek and Damascus, Saladin was apparently an undistinguished youth, with a greater taste for religious studies than military training.

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Saladin The Animated Series

After some weeks, Saladin suddenly withdraws, and leaves the Assassins in peace for the rest of his life. Official Facebook Official site.

In eleven years, he built five such colleges as well as a mosque. In this first installment of a two-part season closer, Marauder villages are being wiped out by advance Franks raiding parties to clear the way for a vast Frank army marching through the desert.

Saladin claimed legitimacy not from his lineage, but from his upholding of Sunni orthodoxy. As a result of constantly trying to right the wrongs of the world and helping the helpless, Saladin often finds himself in over his head and fighting for his life.

Saladin besieges the fortress of Masyaf, the stronghold of Rashideddin. It has the locations of all the water holes across the eastern desert that would make him easy for another invasion. And given the number of enemies he makes on a weekly basis, he needs to learn quickly. Saladin, which had to be seen from the context of a foreign character, required exacting research into a different culture. Enter your search terms Submit search form.

Completely loyal to Saladin, he will always stand by his side. They, as much as the Arabs, have made a myth of him, mercury winrunner and what always attracted Europeans to Saladin was his almost perfect sense of cultured chivalry.

26 Episodes

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If the project is successful, we can show to the world that Malaysian talents can tackle any subject, even if the origins are not Malaysian. Six days later, after allowing the Franks to evacuate unopposed, his troops reached the walls themselves. She learned that her sister is working in the silver mines up in the mountains. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Motivated mainly by self-interest, every course of action seems to revolve around how much he is getting paid versus how much personal risk he has to take.

However, most of today's Citadel was not built by Saladin, and in fact most every conqueror including the British added something to it. Saladin, the animated series. My creative misgivings aside, the technical work of this animated series is stunning. From the trailer, this looks like a series that will rock. The direct-to-video film Aladdin and the King of Thieves marked after the series.

All he wants to do is earn an honest day's pay for an honest day's work. But things get much complicated when Salahuddin learns that his grandfather is involved as a traitor, to sell the map to the Franks! To her horror, she finds herself helping him when there is no profitable reason to do so.

Emotions are a dangerous thing in her line of work. With his knowledge of history and science, he is the lone voice of reason pleading for caution while Saladin and Duncan dive head long into all manner of dangerous situations. Click here to view source. Perhaps one of the most regrettable losses within the Citadel that Saladin built was a hospital, who his secretary, Ibn Gubayr, described almost in terms of any good modern clinic today.

Skilled but naive, Saladin will have to learn the rules of the real world if he is going to survive. However, they taught more than religion, with studies in administration, mathematics, geodesy, physics and medicine. It got even worse when Salahuddin was captured and brought to the Marauder camp to be sold as a slave to Egypt.

Even though he opened up the royal city, he still had to have a genuine fortress that would be invulnerable to any kind of military attack. The good news is that deep down, beneath the layers of grumpiness and irritability, beats a very soft heart. In relation to his Christian contemporaries, his character was exemplary, to an extent that propagated stories of his exploits back to the west, incorporating both myth and facts.

Wounded and on the run from her enemy, the Shadow confides in Salahuddin, the only one she could trust. The first season of the show is currently available for purchase on Amazon Instant Video in Germany. It is believed that he was exposed to a threat of having his entire family murdered. The Syrian Assassin leader Rashideddin's men make two attempts on the life of Saladin. Naturally, Tarik and Duncan are dragged into trouble along with him.

26 Episodes

Creatively, I have some problems with it, like why does Saladin look like something out of Disney or Dreamworks kind of a Prince-of-Egypt white-guy version of the man, I feel? Salahuddin and his friends have got a new job from Mustafa after spending three months on vacation. To achieve this, we must focus on skills development programmes, funding, marketing and infrastructure. Saladin Movie in Malaysia. He befriends another captor, Duncan and together they outwit the Marauder's General Behram.

But then I read that besides us, some lucky folk from China, Thailand and Eastern Europe will also get to see enjoy it, because Zodiac has been sold to these countries wor. His father advised him not to leave his home and people, as it will be a disgrace to his family.

Saladin The Animated Series

My Favorite Animation Tv-Series. What type of animation techniques were employed? So what made his teacher turn evil?