Sheikh Without A Heart Sandra Marton

He then gets down on one knee in front of the heroine and asks her to marry him. Where Suki shows up, lies her face off about the situation and Karim abandons Rachel. Hoping to avoid that fate, Rachel tries to escape with her baby nephew, only to find Kalim waiting for them at the exit!

Sheikh Without a Heart

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After Suki abandoned Ethan, Rachel worked her hardest to make sure that he is well taken care of. He kisses the heroine within the first ten minutes of meeting her.

She helps the heroine see the nephew one last time. He admits their first meeting wasn't the best and understands why she did it. He quickly realizes with her choice of words of who's the lying family member. Still, I felt he could have at least listened to her once he did find out instead of believing a complete stranger.

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Part of his duty was to spare his father from the self-destructive life his late brother had lead. However what he doesn't know is Rachel is not Ethan's biological mother, her sister Suki is. The hero in the story has such a macho attitude that he thinks he's gods gift. Only learning the truth at the end of the story, then kissing immediate ass and claiming that he's loved her all along. The hero and heroine start talking and have an actual pleasant conversation.

When her sister, Suki, hooked up with Rami, had his son, then left him with Rachel, Rachel raised him as her own. She can see how the man lazes around, treats the sister like a servant, his atrocities behavior, and his gambling habit. One day an arrogant man suddenly appears at their apartment. We have received your request of deleting this review. There should be a part two.

The sister pretends the baby is hers to keep the rich uncle from taking it away from her. Select other language Japanese version Upgrade to membership period Upgrade to membership period Read no viewer available.

Not my fav book by Sandra Marton. This was such a typical Marton, hero thinks he is God, comes to clean up after his dead degenerate brother and makes assumptions about the heroine and who can forget the punishing kisses. Right then, the heroine has to deal with a whiney sister about not wearing clothes, getting fat, then she neglects her own baby with not nursing and everything else.

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The heroine is shocked and tries to talk to him but they're interrupted by the hero's father and the heroine's sister. Gets her in to bed within a week of living together in his apartment in New York.

Was this review helpful to you? They reveal the heroine's lie and the sister pulls this huge lie about the heroine taking advantage of them. This is a trope we've read many times.

He then bolts when he finds out the sister is pregnant. This is about the hero and heroine, the responsible siblings dealing with the situation their irresponsible siblings left in. The hero takes her with him, she hates him, kisses him, you know how it goes. Rachel Donnelly had spent a lifetime looking after her sister. Before I could read, I made up poems and my mom wrote them down for me.

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The hero is still as arrogant as ever, and the heroine is stupid, saintly, and meek. The hero goes to see the heroine and pulls out the cold conditions of her being the boy's nanny but the heroine refuses. The hero finally goes to see the sister who sets her eyes on him as her next target.

Sheikh Without a Heart

She tries to run away but the hero corners her and he whisks her off to his condo. Your review has been published! The heroine opens up the hard life she had what with working to support her sister and people judging her by her body rather than by her work ethic. She was a selfish creature with no ounce of doing hard work for the people she loves if there were any.

Karim, the hero, thinks he can just take Ethan and Rachel and so they travel back to his desert palace. His raging pulse at the sight of Rachel's barely dressed body belies his reputation as the sheikh with no heart, but he'l She's really the sister. It would be a four star read except the ending fizzled out. Open Preview See a Problem? There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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This book is a really cute love story. They are drawn together in love for the baby and a growing love for each other. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

He has always done what is expected, what is required, and what is needed for him to become a successful ruler one day. Barges in on her while she is taking a shower.

Karim, the hero, thinks he can just take Ethan and Rachel and so they travel back t I really liked this book but at the same time I was annoyed. The hero confesses his love for her and even proposes marriage to her.

Dressed only in a skimpy sequin-studded bikini is not the way Rachel Donnelly wants to meet Sheikh Karim al Safir. Be the first to ask a question about Sheikh Without a Heart. Sheikh without a Heart Romance Please choose one of reading terms. Heroine accepts without telling him the truth.

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His raging pulse at the sight of Rachel's barely dressed body belies his reputation as the sheikh with no heart, viva la vida instrumental but he'll live up to it to ensure that the heir to the throne is raised in Alcantar! Sheikh Karim al Safir is the next in line to be the King of his country.