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Also, we try to upload manuals and extra documentations when possible. Destroy the evil helicopter! Huge bosses, lots of power-ups life energy capsules, and great moves, all come together is this soft! Sega produced its own home version of Shinobi for their Master System game console.

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Names and marks of all the games belong to their respective owners. An interesting plot device to be sure, but the vampiric blade also serves to establish the pacing of the game. Redirected from Shinobi arcade game. Don't miss the Blue Ninja in these rounds in order to receive twice as much magic!


Digital Download We haven't found any digital download available at this moment. Ninja Mastery, Might and Magic! Eliminating the four rounds of hideous Mandara requires skill, agility and aggressiveness. Contact us or visit us on our Google Profile. The five missions in the game are each three or four stages long.

Shinobi First Released unreleased. The game also has awkward control but slightly above-average game play. After completing each of the first four missions the player is taken to a bonus stage, where he can earn an extra life if he is able to kill all of the ninjas jumping towards him. Shinobi is a slick combination of varied play formats, great graphics and a tough challenge that should keep even the most seasoned gamers playing for hours. Since most enemies appear in the same place on each level, it is possible to master the game by memorizing their locations and devising patterns to defeat them.

While Shinobi isn't particularly original, it is fun to play. The play mechanics are based on the Master System's version. Shadow Dancer retains the same gameplay as the original, but gives the main character a canine companion. Some are easier to beat than others, but for most of them, you must practice in order to learn their weak points. The classic arcade Ninja master makes his debut on the Nintendo Entertainment System courtesy of Tengen.

You start with five lives, four health units per life. We get an update on this remake of a classic, straight from the developers at Overworks. You can reach inside and unleash the powerful synergy of nerve, muscle and spirit. When powered-up, his throwing stars are replaced by a gun that fires large, explosive bullets, and his close-range attack becomes a katana slash.

When you rescue a certain hostage and finish a section of a mission, you enter a bonus round where you can earn Ninja Magic to aid you in your quest. The game maxes out the Game Gear's superior range of color values and renders extremely smooth character and background movements.

Japan portal Video games portal Sega portal. Greg Kasavin gives us his thoughts on the newest installment in this great Sega action legacy. Get the latest news and videos for this game daily, no spam, no fuss. Rescue hostages while wasting bad guys in each scrolling level of play, and take on the bigger and badder Bosses that wait for you at the end.

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The levels are dissimilar enough - giving you different enemies to fight and a wide range of locales to move through - so that the game never becomes stale and boring. Shinobi Video Review Greg Kasavin gives us his thoughts on the newest installment in this great Sega action legacy. Unlike the Master System version, the player can only shoot one shuriken, dagger, or bullet on-screen at the same time, even after obtaining power-ups.

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Most of the enemies shoot and attack in a set pattern. If you have trouble to run Shinobi, read the abandonware guide first!

After all, there's no such thing as a happy ninja. There are also portions where enemies are scarcer but instead you have to manage the way you tackle the platforms. Rescuing certain hostages in each stage will grant him an attack upgrade. You can then select a level by using the up and down arrows. Don't be afraid to use some Ninja Magic for extra offensive muscle when things heat up!

If the player earns a place on the high score board, the number of credits it took him to get that score is displayed along with his score. Arcade Platformer Horizontal shooter Oriental. If the manual is missing and you own the original manual, please contact us!

Most Recent Forum Activity. First, battling the super powered henchmen Ninjas requires all of your Master skills.

It's up to the oldest, wisest, and strongest pupil, Joe Musashi-the Red Shinobi, to rescue the missing ninjas and rally them to destroy the City of Fear! Upon defeating each level's boss, you free one of the captured Shinobis and add them to your team. For the series, chowder episodes see Shinobi series.

You often hear most enemies before you actually see them. The ninjutsu skills are now obtained from completing these bonus rounds and the player may hold up to four stocks.

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As they are rescued, Jo-Musashi will have his life meter replenished. At the start of each mission, the player is shown their objective, followed by a file containing a photograph of the enemy boss and a map display pinpointing the location of the next stage. That ought to help some players get to those hard-to-reach spots! This option is not available during the final mission.

Just another version of the original game. Each level is set in a different location, and the graphics depicting each location range from nice to gorgeous. Only the basic punches, kicks, throwing daggers, and pistol were kept.

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Shinobi is not a hard game, but it is not too easy either. The last stage in each mission has no hostages, but instead features a powerful boss character whom Joe must defeat. Developer's resume indicates Griptonite is prepping a new installment in classic ninja action franchise for Nintendo's handheld. Some of the play mechanics from the original coin-op version were altered for this version.

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Once past these underlings, you must overcome the Lobster Boss. Use your Shinobi magic to free the captives while destroying the enemy. You slip into the role of Jo-Musashi, a modern ninja who's off to rescue hostages and to kill everything on screen with your shuriken and sword.