You can either click the on screen arrows or use the numeric key pad on your keyboard to move the cutting blade, laser, and rollers to adjust where your print will start. The cut is going to be made around the vector image no matter where it lies so we want it to be placed directly on top of the image to be printed. Usually pricing is determined by the square footage length X height of specific materials.

Test Button Cuts a test square. If you do not have any artwork, we will be honored to work with you to develop the logo or layout that works the best. Troubleshooting The Laser is not emitting light. Whether it is single or double faced will also effect the mounting method along with overall cost.

Our work load in the warm months is heavy, which may translate into slightly higher prices. You will move the laser until it falls in the center of the registration marks, first on the right registration mark, then the left. Thank you for rating the program! We have flat fees for artwork generation that scales with the price of the project.

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Select Cutter from the top selection menu. To exit the Cut window, click cancel.

Bigger is better for digital files. Any shape can be cut out leaving a perfectly flat surface for vinyl lettering or full color prints to be applied.

You can also make a test cut to witness the current speed and pressure settings or check the blade depth while in the down cutting position. For business and residential applications, local ordinances must be considered. Additionally, simpler is usually better. Most cuts can be made at high speeds but if a problem is occurring where accuracy or detail is being lost in the cut, a slower cutting speed may solve the problem. Once you are ready to make cuts with the LaserPoint you can attach the blade carriage.

However, please give as much lead time for your project as possible, as production times will vary with the New York seasons. An estimation of the length of time you need your investment to last. Market and square foot usage dictates pricing. When used with the LaserPoint vinyl cutter, www evermotion org you will also be able to setup your print with registration marks and a contour line for contour cutting around your pre-printed graphics. Installing A New Blade Replace the carriage cap and screw into place.

Front View Control Panel Used to provide input directly to the cutter. This may be difficult to see as they are probably layered directly on top of one another. Star rating in the left lower corner. Some users choose to uninstall this program. Sometimes an imported image will already be in monochrome but will still need to be vectorized before being cut.

We simply check that our image to be cut shows up in light grey or black and that there is no areas of the background or other parts of the image that are unnecessarily included. Welcome This manual is here to help provide a starting point in the learning process of the LaserPoint cutter or to vinyl cutting in general. If the laser is not lit while the power of the LaserPoint is on, then there may be a defect with the laser.

Technical information about the application you are about to uninstall, by clicking on the Properties button. Conversely, the date and longer lead time provided will translate into slightly lower prices.

Other metallic leafing available. Element Anti-Virus Antivirus. Monetary budget and time budget. LifeSize Instant messaging.

With decent, straight-on photos and a measurement of an item in frame, we can scale up our work to appear actual size. This free software is an intellectual property of Cutting Technologies. How to clean registry featured.

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Contrasting colors that stand out from the surroundings should also be considered. The X axis effects the size of cuts across the width of the vinyl while the Y axis effects the size of cuts along the length of the vinyl. Small files clipped from the web generally are not directly useful to any type of project.

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Try to get to the point with as few words and colors as possible. Element Mail E-mail Tools. In any case, we can convert, modify or reinterpret any sort of idea, sketch or photograph, into the item you are desiring. Click the Uninstall button. When you are ready for the repeat cuts to be made, press the On Line Button.

The program's main executable file is titled uninstall. Most simple tests those to check the pressure and speed settings can be done more efficiently by pressing and holding the Test Button from any of the other modes. Your LaserPoint setup is now complete and you are ready to move to the software installation section. Click here to learn more about wraps and Wrapters! The default options should be sufficient for this demonstration, but you can make changes here if you need to on future projects.

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The pressure should be strong enough to fully cut the top vinyl but not strong enough to cut through the backing attached to your vinyl. Unscrew the top cap from the Pen carriage.


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No changes need to be made here, so we will go directly to the Cut window by pressing the Cut button from the top menu boxes. Please read it thoroughly and follow the steps carefully to help insure a trouble free experience with your new machine. If you grab one image and drag it you will see the other image left behind. You will need to add registration marks on both the left and right sides of the bottom edge of the printed image.

Thicker materials can require more pressure. Element WordPro Document management. Now all of the images are ready. Any type style can be configured to fill a space, maximizing sq. Test Mode Test Mode Test Mode is used to create a test pattern that shows various cuts in a number of directions.

You can use the target button to reset the origin of the next cut to be made. Notify me of replies from other users. The nature of this product allows for unlimited background textures such as wood grain, or pebble look.

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This is difficult because uninstalling this manually requires some skill regarding Windows program uninstallation. Proper measurements with an idea of mounting and placement.