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Ape Ahinsaka Adare - Amarasiri Peiris. Gassana Danga Malla Bathiya and Santhush.

Tribute songs Wijewardena has composed and directed music for a number of songs for the daughters and sons of his friends and relatives. Sing Lanka recording studio was the first recording studio in Sri Lanka with multi tracks and Wijewardena was the pioneer to introduce this recording studio. Sithuwili Gane Lathika Madhura. Ambapali Nangiye Chandana Liyanarachchi. Epa Meewitha Mage Muwagata.

He was the maestro Dixon Gunaratne. It was one of many songs capturing the Christmas spirit and the birth of Jesus. Hada Awulana Waki Wadan Liyu. Iki Gasa Handana Atheethayaka.

Since then this exceptional man and his music dominated the Sinhala pop music industry. Only a very few instrumental albums available in Singhala Music and in them too, job search website template mostly a common set of monotonous songs has been included. In my Instrumental Albums I have included a wide variety of songs ranging from recent to very old hits. Bhawani Dayani Gadaba Kula.

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Clarence is a man who found new talent into Sinhala pop scene. He is regarded by many as a pioneering Sri Lankan musician in the realms of Sinhala popular music.

In the long history of Sinhala Music, there are numerous everlasting super hits lingering in our memory. Wijewardena's widow Sheela Wijewardana in filed suit against Rajiv Sebastian, hoping to recover a portion of the income earned through the use of her late husband's work. His family moved to Batugedara, Ratnapura, and abandoned a budding planting career to pursue music full time. Rakina Diwisitha Dandubasnamanaya. Dedunnen Bimata Awith Jagath Wickramasinghe.

Habal Gasannata Idak Kadak Na. Parakum Samuduru Rala Pela.

Sith Ahase Hinahenna Damith Madushantha. Wijewardena appreciated the work of Karu and wrote an instant song Seetha Pawan to express his gratitude on the day of the funeral of Karunaratne Abeysekera. Posted by Tharindu Madushanka.

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Wijewardena composed most number of songs for God Kataragama. Didn't find what you were looking for? Wassana Irthuwa Pura Amila Perera.

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This effort is a Tribute to all our living or deceased Music Composers, Producers, Lyricists and Singers who created so many unforgettable songs. Kowulek Motada Samanalee Fonseka.

Wijewardena spent more of his composing time for his fellow singers and he had never been offered the credit for them. Palamu Hamuweema Manjula Dilrukshi. Ridee Sande Walakule Sanath Peiris. Also for the music of the songs of Sikuruliya film, Wijewardena used western musical instruments as well as eastern musical instruments. Sathkulu Mathin Harshana Dissanayaka.

New career Wijewardena joined Sing Lanka Ltd. Senehase Vil There Raween Kanishka. Wijewardena took the initiative to start a three-man band, he was only the finest self-taught guitarist, and as yet unknown. Ahasama Ginigath Yame Akila Arachchige. Lanwela Siti Kalaye Kelum Nisanka.

Adare Madi Kamak Beminda Yursh. Tharu Mal Pethi Fiaz Miskin. Wijewardena started to sing for the Sinhala films under other music directors. Sudu Muhuna Obe Roshan Cyril.

After evaluating Anil's performance for one year, Wijewardena decided to enter him into the Sinhala pop music scene. Awasan Bawayada Sonduriya. Wijewardane certificated as the most popular composer in Sri Lanka for the years and by a pop poll conducted by Pop and Teen Fanfare.

Siyak Dahasak Kasun Kalhara. Kath Kawuruwath Nathi Bawa. Also Super Golden Chimes supplied music for that opening ceremony.

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This Website is filled with Singhala Songs, played by me on th e Keyboards. Salli Karala Ajith Palitha.

Irabatu Tharuwata Sal Mal Landa. Anuhetti for cre ating these beautiful visuals. Wijewardena and Annesley frequently toured the United Kingdom in the s playing to huge audiences in London. He was the composer and the music director for all the six songs of Susima tele drama.

All of Wijewardena's compositions have been recorded at some of the island's best recording studios and under the best producing labels in Sri Lanka. Me Hithata Duka Danena Welawai.

Dayabara Kamin Rashmika Shakthi. Risi Witeka Paminenna - Amarasiri Peiris.

Appachchi Jayasankaya Wee Pubudu Lakmal. Some of the songs were released to the market without any authorized label after his death. Hewa Canada cybersawana gmail. Epa Numba Payanna Swarni Deepika.

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