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Taking the infirmary throughout it was in excellent order He had received no complaints, and the people seemed well taken care of. It was a beautiful house and kept in excellent order.

Haslingden, Lancashire

Either an ex-policeman or someone of that sort would be perfectly suitable. He also recommended that some suitable provision should be made for getting the inmates out if fire unfortunately broke out.

Submit your game here and who knows you could be famous! We went into the room to try the experiment, and placed the phonograph on the harmonium. Submit your game now and we might put it in front of an audience of millions. Somebody would have to carry these weak and infirm people down. Hay, and Miss Hay who became matron on the death of Mrs.

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Follow us on Twitter at vintagebag! He had received no complaints from the inmates, and all seemed perfectly satisfied with their treatment. He thought it would be an advantage if some sheds wore put up in the yard, so that the patients could be under cover, when taking exercise. Another alternative was that if they did build any addition to the infirmary they should provide day rooms for those people who could get out of bed. They might be paupers or non-paupers who were found wandering about, or requiring immediate restraint, dating victorian buildings who were sent there by the justices under the Act of Parliament.

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There were two old men in the room, one placing the broad, another who seemed to be deafish, doing ditto with spoons, and knives. Give the gift of fun to fellow gamers. As the song proceeded I went towards him, and was astonished to find that the phonograph was heard to better advantage than I had ever heard the instrument in any other place. It is built of stone, with a couple of minarets or bell-like domes on the summit, and forms a conspicuous attraction to passengers on the railway, the tramway, or on foot.

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He also referred to the provision for lunatics who were sent there under orders from the justices for periods not exceeding seven days. Whenever we list additional bags, we announce it there. Search for vintage bag style, such as vintage messenger bag or an antique evening bag. He had omitted to congratulate the Guardians on the state of pauperism in Lancashire as compared with the rest of England. If any inspector caused any friction between the Guardians and the Local Government Board, he would be very much to blame.

Search for the vintage or retro bag of your dreams! We may even sponsor it for cash! Just copy and paste the codes we make available here. Vintage Bag is now on Facebook and Twitter. This old man said he had been in the house seven years, as he was unable longer to work in a cotton mill.

The provisions, he found, were much superior to most contract provisions he found in most work houses. The difference between the old workhouse and the new is almost as great as between the old one-storeyed cottage and a palace. Add your favorite games from AddictingGames. It was not a matter of the destruction of property, but a question of saving life. Jack and I laughed, and the old man asked whose invention is was.

He also touched upon one or two matters in connection with arrangements made in the workhouse for the lunatics. But certainly some way of escape should be provided.

Whatever game you feel like turning on, we've got it here. He did not see how with one staircase in each wing these people could be got to. Fawbert, also of Accrington, were on a tour of inspection. That would relieve some of the rooms in the infirmary.

Mr Duckworth had brought with him his phonograph, and I attached, myself to hint to see how the inmates received an entertainment from Edison's wonderful invention. Hay could not have been made. He had heard no complaints, only one great, strong man complained that the yard in which he worked was extremely cold.

He thought the Guardians had every reason to be satisfied with its condition. He was glad to see that in the infirmary the Guardians had appointed another nurse. Munn was chairman of the Board.

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It generally happened in a workhouse, as in other places, that fire broke out in the basement, and that the smoke and flames rose to the upper story, preventing people coming down. The main entrance to the workhouse is by a flight of stone steps leading into the entrance hall, which has a very agreeable appearance, the walls being painted and decorated with pictures. There were all sorts of cases, very stuffy, rooms, bad ventilation, and next to no classification. Henley congratulated the Guardians on the state of the workhouse. Search for a special occasion bag, such as beaded evening bag or a vintage day pack.

Whether this was owing to the better state of the population or better administration, or to a combination of both, he was unable to say, but the fact remained. He had told this man that it was cold weather, and that as he had a covering he was better provided than those who had to work regularly out of doors for their living. Whether they could be safely put down a shoot - for they could not very well be carried down ladders - he would leave for practical men to decide.

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He had gone over the vagrant wards and the whole wards seemed to perfectly clean. When he was told Edison, the American, he remarked that those Americans were wonderfully sharp fellows. He suggested that the bath regulations should be hung up in the wards. Search for a made of a certain material, such as a Corde handbag or purse, a vintage alligator bag or vintage crocodile handbag, or vintage Lucite purse. John Duckworth, one of the now Accrington Guardians, and his wife, and Mr.

Don't just play games on AddictingGames. They had not strength in the house to watch then both night and day, and the Master or the Guardians ought to get a man or a woman, as the case might be, from outside to look after those people. These figures spoke for themselves. This is the best place on the web to play games for free!

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