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Kept freezing when attempting to run. Since the Backup and Sync app works with both Google Drive and Google Photos, it can be downloaded from either website. The Backup and Sync tool shows the storage available on your computer. When I went to copy and save the edited file on my X drive, it would not allow me to save the edited file. Very strange user interface in spots!

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The good news is that there are checkbox options to silence them. You can customize the files that you want to upload by hitting the Change icon. In addition, the cleanup automatically checkbox is only saved sometimes.

Note that your submission may not appear immediately on our site. To add accounts, click on the Backup and Sync icon in the taskbar and hit the three-dot icon. Summary This software is not only free, it is also easier to use, has more features, and runs more nicely than other paid file copy utilities. So how does this app work and what all features do you get here? Cons Its hard to stop all scheduled operations temporarily.

It is a Windows thing, not specific to this program. So you get to set them for every profile! In a nutshell, the app syncs from and to a computer.

Safely back up your files

Clicking them will open the files on the web. Similarly, you will still have access to the existing Google Drive synced files on your computer. Runs in the background nicely.

There is no way to clear the status of a profile once if has been run. There is a button panel toolbar that allow quick access to popular items. You will find them under the Computers section. Click it to resume the sync.

The Google Drive folder is a regular folder in your file explorer that lets you open and edit files. Took up many system resources. Pros Runs in the background nicely. Any changes on either side will not reflect on other platforms.

Download Backup and Sync for Mac

Sort Date Most helpful Positive rating Negative rating. Easy setup and preset profiles. That will create a second version of the document that is in the Microsoft Office format. It also offers the ability to add photos to Google Photos. Flaming or offending other users.

Click on your computer name to view the backup of the folders you chose earlier. Select the folders that you want to sync.

Download Backup and Sync - Free Cloud Storage
How Does Google Backup and Sync Work A Comprehensive GuideSafely back up your files

The former offers unlimited storage where you can add any number of photos and videos. Tried it twice and both times froze my laptop.

Download Backup and Sync for Windows

The beauty of SyncBack Free is that the copy it makes of your docs folder for example to an external hard drive is an exact copy. Pros SyncBackFree is incredibly powerful, flexible, reliable, and easy to use. Each will be listed separately under Computers. In the former case, the app lets you create a backup of your entire computer or the selected folders on Google Drive.

Pros Backs up a drive without stopping for each file a regular copy might ask you some question for, or stop altogether. The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited. The Desktop, Documents, and Pictures folders will be selected by default on a Windows computer. When it comes to sync, you can sync all your Google Drive folders or selected folders to your computer. You can use up to three Google Drive accounts simultaneously on the Backup and Sync tool.

Then select Pause and the option will be replaced by Resume. Cons Tried it twice and both times froze my laptop. This is just unacceptable! The tool offered the functionality to add images and videos to Google Photos too.

Download Backup and Sync - Free Cloud Storage

SyncBackFree can process filenames in any language and unlimited filename lengths, and you'll enjoy tremendous flexibility of how you select which files and folders to include in your backup. You can also add files from your hard drive to this folder. When you install and set the app, you will find the Backup and Sync icon in the Taskbar.

You can create a backup from multiple computers to the same Google account. Summary Plenty of good free backup programs without wasting time, only to find out it's cripple-ware. As was obvious, Google later killed the Google Photos desktop app as well.

If that drive is only turned on to do backups then it is very secure. To pick a new folder, click on Choose folder and navigate to the folder to that you want to take the backup of. You can back up that docs folder to an external drive. Cons No cons except the requirement that something has to be entered into this cons form.

For existing users, click on the Backup and Sync shortcut icon in the taskbar and hit the three-dot icon. Usually, if you delete a synced file from your computer or on Google Drive, cue club full version softonic it will disappear from every device that shares the same Google account. The term backup is misleading here for the folders are constantly synced as well.

Make sure to keep separate folders for them. It will not allow me to edit a file on my system drive and then save it and then edit the text file with the new data on my external drive. You can even exclude certain file formats using the Advanced option.

The above settings are valid for local folder only as things are different for Google Drive files synced to your computer. All in all, it's an excellent choice for home users and small businesses. You can view and track the sync status of various files right from the taskbar. Pros Can access backup files directly without the SyncBack app. Similarly, Google files on your computer are merely file shortcuts.

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How Does Google Backup and Sync Work A Comprehensive Guide

Then select Add new account from the menu. It's better to just copy your files manually. Grab your stuff while you still can. Uncheck the boxes if you want to deselect them.