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Also following what made The Jungle Book great was an all-star cast of voices. Unfortunately, Hudson is not that actress. Good looks will get you the top spot.

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Fatima Robinson's choreography is spotlighted in an excellent feature on the picture's dance routines. Sometimes, people need to grow into your heart, and plant themselves there for life. The character of Deena Jones leaves the Dreams in to pursue a career as an actress. The men in this movie are just awful people. Both the Supremes and the Dreams did background vocals for established recording artists before becoming famous.

Soul music is the best music. After Diana Ross left the Supremes in to pursue other projects such as film work, in she starred in her first motion picture, the Motown-produced Lady Sings the Blues. Sometimes talent takes a backseat to sex appeal.

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Even though the film tries to soften some of Effie's harder edges to make her more likable, the charges still stand. My Life As a Supreme after the musical. The end result is a faithful rendition of the stage hit, drained of emotion, energy or anything that can be described as dynamic.

Unfortunately, what transfers to the screen is basically a slavishly faithful version of the stage hit with all of its inherent weaknesses intact. In the hands of a skillful actress, the gaps could perhaps have been remedied with technique and charisma. Foxx would seem ideal casting, but he seems oddly withdrawn and bored.

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For me, Effie has always been a big problem in both the show and the movie. Do not get involved with a man who will never leave his wife for you. Jimmy Early has a long affair with Lorrell while still married to his wife, becomes totally addicted to drugs, free dating in washington state and ends up causing his own demise.

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Anika Noni Rose as the third member of the Dreamgirls trio literally has nothing to do for the entire film. DreamWorks hoped to encourage amateur productions of Dreamgirls, and familiarize a wider audience with the play.

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Effie is supposed to expressing her rage and desperation at her predicament, but Hudson comes off as a cabaret performer belting out a hot number. The latter portion of the film is basically a predictable melange of events that maneuver Foxx into Hudson's earlier position and allow her to strut back in and lord it over everyone.

Dreamgirls was nominated for eight Oscars, and it won two, though it should have been three. One of my favorite parts of Dreamgirls is the time span coverage. Spoilers Dreamgirls, despite its fistful of Tony wins in an incredibly weak year on Broadway, has never been what one would call a jewel in the crown of stage musicals. Because of high costs, only three cities were played before the road production was dissolved.

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Here is the cast and the release date for Jon Favreau's upcoming live-action version of The Lion King! Never get involved with a taken man. Casting, dates and venues are yet to be confirmed.

There are lots of songs perhaps too many? Beyonce Knowles is lovely and sings her songs perfectly well, but is stuck with a character who is basically all surface glitz. First, the score has never been one of the strong points of this production and the film does not change that factor. All in all, not quite the emotional highlight one expects. Nothing speaks to love, or life, or struggle better than soul music.

Cece abandons his sister to make a dime. Boys like sugar sweet girls. The film is slick and technically well-produced, but the story and characters are surprisingly thin and lacking in any resonance.

Tom Eyen denied that he had the Supremes in mind when he wrote the book. He is quite the charmer, and immediately has his eye on her. But Bey, man, she blew this movie out of the water.

Disney ended the day the only way they know how, with a bombshell. Bey did just that with this movie, the movie she claims is the first time she considered herself an actress. Cindy Birdsong went on to perform with the Supremes the same night Florence Ballard was fired, just as Michelle Morris goes on to perform with the Dreams the same night Effie White is fired. Jimmy dies shortly afterward of a drug overdose. She eventually leaves him, and leaves them both broken-hearted.

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