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Nicole finds a new way to cope while away from Larry. Party Crasher Nicole decides to crash Larry's bachelor party in Columbia. Ashley finds out Dashon has been traded to the Redskins. Autumn questions Dom's loyalty, Barbie deals with marriage issues, and Natalie goes on her first real date, post breakup. Autumn accuses Natalie of being in a fake relationship.

Sophia hits it off with a new athlete. Nicole searches for a wedding venue, and Natalie copes with her recent breakup. Sasha and Tia come to blows over a secret nickname.

Natalie and Olivia become brand ambassadors to Thailand while Larry reveals his intentions for a future with Nicole. Nicole questions her decision to move out. Sasha finds out the gender of her baby. Olivia faces a big decision about her future with Marcedes, and Sasha puts on a performance.

Barbie bonds with Natalie and Olivia. With Barbie planning a wedding and Olivia getting serious with her new boyfriend, Natalie questions her break with Shaun. Tia reveals a huge secret about her dating life. Natalie gets her groove back after she gives dating another try, and Autumn throws a game night that ends in tears. By ordering or viewing, you agree to our Terms.

Natalie wants closure with her ex. Sasha films her new music video. Barbie extends an olive branch.

Olivia deals with the pressure of a long-distance relationship, while balancing work issues. Olivia confronts Marcedes for ditching her in Cabo, radiometric dating volcanic rocks from pompeii Barbie and Autumn discuss the future of their friendship. Olivia deals with an Instagram faux pas.

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Ashley tries her best to moves on after her wedding gets postponed. Nicole worries about Larry's bachelor party locale, and Barbie finds out that she was accused of stealing from Sasha.

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Natalie runs into Shaun, forcing her to deal with her emotions, and Barbie gets devastating news about her wedding. Nicole puts her career in jeopardy. Barbie receives a surprise package. Autumn doubts Dom's loyalty, Barbie deals with marriage issues, and Natalie goes on her first post-breakup date. Nicole makes a decision that could end her relationship with Larry.

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