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Chicken Biryani is my favourite dish. From time to time I reward myself for maintaining a strict diet by indulging in my favourite food. The coach said I should take up racing. When the go kart track opened in Goa I realised that I could take up motorsport as a career. The unresolved border issue serves as a useful tool to keep India on edge and under pressure.

In Chennai we have a lot of karting tracks. Bihar has shown the way to educational reforms. So we are the pioneers of sorts as far as my family is concerned.

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Rather, they were keen to demolish our culture and values and replace them by their own. Post this analysis, I try to forget about everything and go into the normal weekday mode so as not to overload my mind.

Yes they are physically stronger, but that does not mean I am weak or am at any disadvantage. It was only natural I ended up on the track.

For the first time, the possibility of such a concept taking concrete shape has emerged. It seemed that it had been a cakewalk journey for the small car and it was ready to continue its great journey. In a fusion between the Indian company Sovereign and La Thailand from Thailand, came out a unique array of bikes under the title of La Sovereign.

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People of Bihar has drafted to dustbin the loudmouths who had ruined Bihar for decades together, breaking the caste barrier, at least partially, in this election. Yes, making mistakes and losing positions upsets me. Before my race I try to sit in a peaceful place to calm down and focus.

Initially, deanna pappas dating jeremy anderson protective barriers and cheap price points had India in a time warp focusing majorly on working class bicycles. It took us two days and we covered the journey with absolute ease. Honda Cars India claims that Brio is a car that loves you back.

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Gone are the days of the monotonous, heavy, monstrous cycles. And then we have professional driver coaches who help in fine tuning our driving skills. Even though we were brave enough to attempt this, we realised that it required tremendous amounts of stamina and will power to persist with our journey. We headed to the port of Karwar. But that was before I laid my hands on the wheels of a blue coloured Brio.

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China's growing belligerence towards India on the border issue should be seen in this context of its determination to be the dominant power in Asia. Those in positions of power and authority would stoop to any level to line their pockets and that of their kin. But then there is no competition there. The sand was tricky as we drove into the thick of it. By the time we reached Karwar, the rains stopped briefly and we drove the car towards the beach.

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The nation is witnessing unparalleled erosion of values. The culprits remain part of the system by shamelessly changing sides and continue to enjoy the fruits of power. We also have two very talented coaches who constantly guide us. Not all has been achieved in the education frontier in Bihar, but the reversal of downslide has become evident. The more I eat the more I exercise.

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In Bihar, if Mr Nitish Kumar has earned votes cutting across caste lines, it is because he tried to change the education scenario in the State by providing uniform to students and bicycles to girls. But I do have a cheat day where I eat what I want! The money looted is never recovered and the damage done to the nation and the people is irreversible. It seeks to exclude the United States and India from regional fora by calling for the establishment of an East Asian Community.